GeForce 9400 GT Pixel and Vertex shader confusion

I have GeForce 9400 GT made by Evga on my computer. Right now I am confused about the pixel and vertex shader versions. Whenever I try to find it on the net, I find this

"Unified Shader Architecture
Provides an effecient single platform consisting of vertex shaders, geometry shaders, and the pixel shaders. This allows for better performance and visual quality."

I am concerned about this because I'm unable to play certain that require pixel and vertex versions 3, and then I can play others that do. Example, my computer runs Left 4 Dead excellent, but then I can't run Mass Effect. Both games require pixel and vertex shader version 3. Any explanations and solutions? Thanks.
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  1. Actually, you're getting older hardware confused with newer hardware. Back in the day, pixel shaders and vertex shaders were separated, but now they are combined into one super shader that can do everything.

    I believe the 9 series cards all have Pixel & shader version 4 or above, so don't worry about that.

    Mass Effect takes a lot more power to fuel than L4D does. What are your other system specs?
  2. the gfx card you have, has only 16 shaders. ugrading to a 9600gt or an ATI hd4670 will bring a nice performance boost.
  3. Here are my specs

    OS: XP
    Processor: Intel 2.4 ghz
    memory: 2 gb
    video: Geforce 9400 gt, 1 gb

    I just ran into a site called "can you run it?" which checks your specs to see if you can run a game, and everything lines up for Mass effect except the video cards pixel and vertex shaders. I guess the site confused the two for the now combined technology, but if it's the equivalent of versions 3, what's the problem?
  4. Each of your shaders can run vertex and pixel shader operation. They can also do geometry shader operations, but those are only in DX10 and since you'll be using XP you don't need to worry about it. Depending on what your playing you may have 12 shaders doing pixel shader work and the other 4 doing vertex shader work. By modern standards though the 9400GT is very weak and is not considered suitable for gaming, but hey it's your eyes you'll be scaring :D.
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