Whats with the insane price increase in gpu's?

hey alll, just upgraded my pc, added an xfx 4890, looking on the ebuyer site, i see that the same card i got has shot up from 129.99 including vat, to 194.99! that is insane! im so glad i upgraded when i did! anyone know why there is the sudden price increase? i was gunna go sli soon aswell! but im waiting now!
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  1. A last gasp price gouge before the new cards a released.
  2. It may be due to recent surges in memory prices.
  3. Inventory is low, and price operates by supply and demand. Demand, and hence price will drop off once the new cards are released, maybe. After all, like Crashman said, memory prices have a bit to do with it as well
  4. sweet, well whatever the reason :) i got a beast of a card 65 quid cheaper than retail now :) now if only i could sort out this cpu bottleneck i would be a happy man:) slight side track on this forum post, does anyone know what system toms hardware tested their gpu's on for the gpu charts?
  5. When you consider the performance you get witnh current generation cards, the prices are still dirt cheap. When you get can a 4870 for $130 when it used to cost $400
  6. yeah definately its great, however when i run a 3d mark test and a 3d mark vantage test i get the same score that i got with my 8800gtx, now im not an expert on computers but im sure my cpu cant be such a bottleneck that i get the same results? can it?
  7. the Ph I will be a bottleneck

    is you can (looking at that mobo says it can) upgrade to some Ph IIs and you would be good to go
  8. cool, any recommendation of which one to go for? my friend says anything over 3ghz would be good? is it better to go quad or tri core?
  9. would a 3ghz phenom 2 dual core bottleneck or not?
  10. PH II x3 or x4,

    X2 atm for a 4890 is just.....

    look here for list of supported CPUs, it appears that if you want PhIIs you need to do bios flash

  11. i have just upgraded to latest bios under recommendation from xfx, they told me the poor performance from my 4890 is due to bios being out of date, when i questioned them on this and said are you sure it is not my cpu bottlenecking, they believe that this is not the case, i asked why my score on benchmarks is so low compared to other systems with the same card, they said it is an isolated incident...... i gave up with the ticket after this, so my board supports am3 cpu then? also any idea how good this board is for oc'ing? i cant seem to overclock this cpu at all! any recommendations for a good cpu that aint gunna break the bank?
  12. Ph II X4 910 if you got the cash (2.6 Ghz)

    Ph Ii X 3 720 if you only want to game and that is it (2.8 GhZ, higher than the 910, but less core)
  13. If you are really strapped for cash, the 710 x3 is cheaper than the 720, and from what I have gathered, the 720 doesn't overclock any higher on stock HSF than the 710, just easier through unlocked multiplier. I have attained 3.35ghz on my 710 stable, but keep it generally at 3.1ghz, as it is the highest I have been able to run it stable undervolted by -.025v. Every chip is different, but just some food for thought.

    It feeds my 4870x2(stock clocks) really well, so I can't imagine it being a bottleneck for a single 4890, at least not at OC'd speeds.
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