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I have been in need of 4 GB of RAM for my Mac Book Pro, and do not want to spend $200 for RAM directly from Apple. In this case I decided to look on Newegg for some comprable RAM.

I found Mushkin RAM (URL listed below)

In reading the Customer review for this product, I found that many people had issues with this product in the Mac waking up from sleep.

My question is does anyone know if this is just a freak like any other RAM issue, is it a continuing issue, and if so does anyone know if the problem has been taken care of?

Also, would anyone happen to know what the CAS latensy for the stock MAC RAM is on the 13" Mac Book Pro, and does that have to be matched with 3rd party RAM (such as the Mushkin RAM in question)? Finally, would OCZ be a good choice to match with the Mac Book Pro?
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  1. it's good, mushkin has good memory modules and good customer support from i've heard
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    most the ram i've bought over the years has been muskin and I've never had an issue

    don't use macs, but i don't seen any reason there would be an issue

    if you do not match the specs exactly all ram will run at the lowest common speed Mhz and cas
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