How to access files on wd passport essential

I've bought an old cheap hd, the wd essential 250gb. i have backed up the files and can see that it has been successful. yet i cannot seem to see them in a directory on the drive. is this possible?
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  1. Did you use a backup tool/application or just copy the files? If you used a tool, the files are likely in an archive that you can't directly access. Please clarify.
  2. I have done the same thing - i didn't copy file manually but used the software. Have been searchign forums all night to figure this out!

    Having used the WD SmartWare automatic backup, does this mean i cant view files as i would normally? i.e. open them in Word or whatever it is I am using, work on them and save them to the Passport when out and about?

    Do i need to also transfer files over manually to do this?

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