What card with Asus A8v-Deluxe (939-pin)

I have a 939-pin Asus A8v-Deluxe motherboard, and don't what kind of video/graphics cards will be compatible. Right now I have a Radeon X800 Pro, and would like to upgrade.

For example, would the ATI RadeonHD 4600 Series be an option? how can I tell?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Right now I am running in 1680x1050 res and have a AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 processor, if that helps
  2. FX-53. o.o thats a top of the line back when single cores ruled the world. for something that old I'd say a 4850 or hell even a 4830 or Nvidia 8600GTS because inless you got a dual core your CPU is going to bottle neck your video card like hell. there arent much games you can play now a days with out a dual core so I'm going to tell you the 8600GTS. its cheap $50 and under and its the best card made before they started thinking of matching power for Dual cores.
  3. Any PCI-e card will do for this MOBO. It has 2 PCI-e slots. DO not buy an AGP card.
  4. Irish said:
    Any PCI-e card will do for this MOBO. It has 2 PCI-e slots. DO not buy an AGP card.

    No one mentioned an AGP card. :P
  5. Gin Fushicho said:
    No one mentioned an AGP card. :P

    I've known it to happen though, and the other way round as well.
  6. i finally got my own Asus A8V running. i'm using a cheapo graphics card like the nVidia MX440, or maybe the FX5200. i forget.

    4X/ 8X AGP is compatible with cards like the Sapphire 3850 AGP. with 512 MB RAM and a 256 bit bus, that's the one i'd go for if i wanted to upgrade that system.
  7. ^ I don't think that motherboard has AGP. Also theres a 4650 AGP.
  8. Gin Fushicho said:
    No one mentioned an AGP card. :P

    I only mentioned AGP so the original poster would not purchase the wrong card.
  9. I have 3 A8V motherboards and all 3 are agp w/ Nvidia Geforce 6200 512mb Gddr2 AGP 8x
  10. That's right. The A8V Deluxe doesn't have any PCI-E slots.

    matneo27, you need an AGP card - whatever you're getting, ensure the box says AGP and not PCI Express. The new 4650 AGP would do if you want something relatively modern. Its performance is probably going to be bottlenecked by the CPU though. What CPU are you using?
  11. i also have this motherboard and i'm looking to get a better graphics card...i may have let stuff build in my tower and killed the fan and overheated my nvidia gefore 6800 gs...i fixed it but now its cooked it keeps crashing when i get into graphics heavy stuff. I'm looking at upgrading my card, but i'm worried taht i might get a flashy new card and find that i get a bottle neck and no real gain.

    i have...
    Dual chanel 660MHZ 1GB of Ram
    AMD Athlon 64-bit 3000+
    A8V deluxe

    i want the ATI x1950 pro....but i'm sure you guys will tell me thats stupid for a number of reasons, what I'm after is some suggestions for cards that would be significantly better than my current one with out a serious bottle neck problem

    (my A8V is definitely AGP)

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