Installing PSU in Gateway slimline

I basically have no idea what to do and had a lot of questions. The PSU in the Gateway SX 2800-01 is very thin and lays along the bottom of the case. Right above that is a fan (the case fan I'm guessing). The new PSU I have seems that it needs to sit vertically so I'll have to remove some parts. Does anyone have any experience with this because I have none.

I don't know why the thread is on the forums twice. Sorry about that.
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  1. Have you checked the specs of your Gateway? Does it list a chassis or PSU type?
  2. You'll need a mATX type of PSU. However, it seems some case do not use "standard" mATX PSUs.

    I found this out when I recommended a mATX PSU to someone with a slimline PC which used a mATX PSU. Apparently the mATX PSU I recommended did not fit the slimline case. The person had to modify his case a little to fit the PSU. Oh well...
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