Top 3 intel ..1999-2009

I seem to be diving into history. Some things just have no reason to die, because they are that damned good.

pondering top 3 intel chipset/cpu/socket since 1999...dual or single...

simply outstanding, and no reason to scrap them.

I would like more opinions.

my vote is PGA of course.
the 865glc socket 478 with hyper thread is absolutely one of them, the matx board. or any of them really. although for the full atx, another brand may be necessary (there was a caps problem written by intel) . the chipset was perfect, I vote that to be the msi platinum 865pe anyway.

the next leap, well, I would say the socket 604, last gen cpu, sl8ma. 2.8e ghz, 2mb l2 cache, em64t, hyper threaded...and dual cored...dual cpu...and nicely built by dell, if to mention just one that could hold the 1030 dollar cpu..

And that is where I am stuck. what is the third top ten chipset, still runnable today, or undoubtedly a 5 year+ runtime ahead of it, reliably, undoubtably an evolution with common it the quad four? how bout that q9650..maybe this could be an overlapped grouping, and summary of top three together. (cpu designs essentially doing the same thing)

Would love to converse...
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  1. No reason to scrap them if you lived in a box where time didn't march on.

    I started professionally in computers in 1983 - I was a hobbiest before then. That means I sold the first IBM PC models using the Intel 8088 CPU running at 4.77MHz. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this chip - like the ones you mentioned. But the problem is that software and hardware always march on to newer horizons - and demands. So if you were using Visicalc and WordStar and had a PC-XT with a 8088 and 256KB of RAM, you were doing great and the computer ran fast and all was well.

    But, let's say you wanted to run the new Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect instead. Well, then you likely wanted a bit more RAM. And you wanted to run Flight Simulator after work - you needed a better graphics card like the Hercules instead of your Monochrome Graphics Adapter. And suddenly, you compared your maxed out PC to the boss's IBM-AT with a 8MHz 80286 and your computer seemed slow.

    So you had NEC making the 10 MHz V-20 chip and the 8MHz 8088 and time marches on and on and on.

    What are the best chips Intel has made in the last 10 years? I'd say it was the fastest 3 models of the quad-core i7s. Because we live in today's world with today's hardware and software. And the fastest chip is ALWAYS the best. Not perhaps the best value, but the best.
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