Why wont my computer recognize my hard drive?

I have a 1 TB HD that I used for the first time the other day. It's first use was with Adonis True Image software to clone but I had to interupt the process. Now I can't see it on other computers. Any suggestions?
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  1. Does the BIOS see the drive?

    Can you see it in the Disk Manager?
  2. "Why wont my computer recognize my hard drive?"

    Because they all look alike.
    Because your computer is near-sighted.

    If the BIOS sees it and Disk Manager sees it, but Windows does not, try reformatting.
  3. So you interrupted a cloning operation? Obviously the data on the drive is useless and does NOT need to be preserved. So, use Acronis True Image to DELETE any and all Partitions it may have - check the manual for the correct procedure. THEN you can start over with the empty drive. It MUST have one or more Partitions established on it, and that (those) partition(s) Formatted before Windows (or any other OS) can use it. The process of making a clone copy onto it will do that - the cloning operation STARTS by establishing the Partition(s) and Formatting them so that the clone copy can be placed there. But you CAN Create and Format a Partition without making a clone, if that's what you need to do. Acronis can do it all - just read the manual.
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