I5 750 and i3 540 benches

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  1. Hmmmm.... seems like the difference between i5 and i7 are more blurred than I anticipated. One of their i5's doesn't have HT, and one does.

    This is going to get confusing.
  2. Well, theyre being done with Engineering Samples, and ES has it all, so theyre somewhat distorted, also, the memory isnt working out quite yet for the I3
    they jumped the gun on this review, its pre NDA, and for good reasons, the platform isnt ready yet
  3. I think mid Sep
  4. Sep 8th, actually according to this:
    Intel is looking into how the first versions of its Lynnfield processors ended up on sale in Taiwan several weeks before they were supposed to, preempting the company's plans to roll out the new chips.

    Lynnfield chips, which will be sold under the Core i5 and Core i7 brands, are versions of Intel's Nehalem processor family designed for use in consumer desktops. The chips are meant to bring Nehalem from the high-end of the desktop PC market into the mainstream.

    The release of the processors for sale to consumers was meant to happen on Sept. 8 but, in a rare example of Intel apparently losing control over its sales and distribution channel, the chips ended up on sale in Taiwanese shops last week.
  5. This story reminds me alot of the 4850 launch, where they went up for sale well before the NDA was lifted. I bet Intel cant do a thing about it either. They can try, but it wont do any good, as its too close to home (where all the chips are made), and doing anything drastic may have some retaliation in the future, which simply may mean even more of it
  6. "no IGP tests because have no mainboard for that

    It is a 3.07Ghz Clarkdale (i3-540) with Turbo, so you can call it "Core i5-640" but it will never release as this (like the first Lynnfield Samples with 2.66Ghz and 8 Threads)."

    "No, max. clock was 4.75Ghz with a boxed 775 cooler (and 4.6Ghz SuperPi 32M) but all only single-channel. i think the clarkdale doesn´t like the HyperX Memory (Elpida BBSE)."


    So, the marks shown are low, and can be better
  7. Thats what Im thinkin too. Nothing wrong with i7, BUT, I bet if Intel released these at the same time, i7 wouldnt have sold much at all
  8. Wow. 47GHz on the stock cooler. Thats pretty impressive since its stock was what, 2.6GHz? Almost 2x the OC.

    Of course we will have to wait till more are out and in testing. Still even 4.4GHz isimpressive on the stock cooler. Makes me wounder what it can hit on better air/water cooling.....
  9. Quote:
    I'd love to see 5Ghz with basic water

    Basic water=advanced air. Same price range and air usually has one up on water until you spend a decent amount on your own kit and build it yourself.
  10. That's not basic water though honestly. That's fairly nice water.
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