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Hello. I have just build my mom a computer, an im very new to this. I got her a 120g SSD witch i have put windows 7 64bit and her game she plays on it, now im tring to get the 1T HD for storage to work. When i go into my computer it dont show up, but with i isntalled windows 7 i could pick the SSD or the HD so now how do it make it so the HD can be used?
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  1. You have to format it and assign it a drive letter. Right click my computer and click on manage. select disk management and you should see your ssd and the 1tb. Right click on the 1tb and select format. It will give the drive a letter and you can use it now.
  2. see if you can see it in the Disk Manager.

    you probably have to partition and format it.
  3. ok its there and i can see it but when i try tp format it then it says can not on this partition
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