PCI EXPRESS 2.0 motherboards!?

I need a decent mobo.. cheap mobo w/ atleast a 2.0 pcie..

where can i find that? help.
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  1. Need much more information.

    CPU, RAM, Case, etc...
  2. as long that is cheap mobo around 50$ with pcie 2.0 x16 =D
  3. I'm sorry but that doesn't help much. Is your CPU and Intel or AMD? Core 2 Duo, Athlon X 64, Pentium 4. We need to know this or we can't select the right motherboard for you.

    Same with the RAM, computer case size and other parts.
  4. im buying a new rig and im on a budget.. i chose e5200 as my budget processor.. so the board comes 1st ! any RAM ddr2 is ok with me..

    now the mobo is inquestion.. i want it upgradable with the quads.. and has a 2.0 x15 50 - 6-$ budget only for mobo.. is that bad?
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    That's helpful.

    Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G LGA 775 - $59.99
  6. i cant find that product in our country! X_X
  7. I know a few international web sites. Which country?
  8. is gigabyte g31m es2c had pcie 2.0?

  9. Rin_cho said:
    is gigabyte g31m es2c had pcie 2.0?


    No, it's PCI-e 1.0.

    But that is irrelevant as no graphics card exceeds the bandwidth of 1.0 anyway.
  10. strange.. why did they make a 2.0. for overclocking? im no overclocker.. i
  11. PCI-e 2.0 made it better for Crossfire and SLI.

    But since it is backwards compatible with 1.0, it is used in all modern motherboards even if they have just 1 PCi-e slot.
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