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Hi, I'm looking to replace the 230mm side fan on my Thermaltake Spedo build. Its been about 2 weeks since I finished building it and I got tired of the annoying sound the stock 230mm fan makes and decided to get rid of them. I've been looking around for some fans that are compatible with the Spedo. Anyway I've been searching for a fan that meets my requirements, I need a 230 x 230 x 20mm fan, with no LED lights, has to be under 25 dBA and can move a fair amount of air.
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  1. All the fans in that case are suppose to be quiet according to the specs

    - Front (intake) :
    140 x 140 x 25mm red LED fan, 1000rpm, 16dBA
    - Rear (exhaust) :
    TWO 120 x 120 x 25mm TurboFan, 1300rpm, 17dBA
    - Top (exhaust) :
    230 x 230 x 20mm fan, 800rpm, 15dBA
    - Bottom (intake) :
    120 x 120 x 25mm fan (optional)
    - CPU (exhaust) :
    120 x 120 x 25mm fan (optional)
    - Fanbar (intake) :
    120 x 120 x 25mm TurnoFan, 1300rpm, 17dBA
    - Side (intake) :
    230 x 230 x 20mm fan, 800rpm, 15dBA

    maybe it's the CPU fan making the noise.
  2. No..I even looked at the reviews and the reviewers all had the 230mm fan noise problem.
  3. get a fan controller for ~15 eur. i use one on my HAF 932, works great.
  4. I just built a system with your thermaltake spedo case. The fan noise is pretty bad with mine as well, even after I messed with the speed settings and installed noise dampening screws and spacers. The thermaltake fan specs are definitely false there is no way in hell the loudest fan in my case is 17db. It pretty much sounds like a goddamn wind tunnel. I also measured the so called "230mm" exhaust and intake fans, and the blade diameter is actually 220mm. Now I am confused, if somehow I actually find a replacement fan that large which size of fan would fit in the mount holes? haha these thermaltake guys are a joke. did you rip out all the cheap plastic sections as well? The only cheesy plastic section I found to be beneficial to bring down my temps was the power supply component.

    I found some pricey replacements for every other fan in this spedo , but these fans actually perform at the numbers advertised from what I have read

    120mm exhaust fans/sliderfan/intake right side of case =

    140mm intake fan on front of case =

    if you find a supplier that sells a fan that fits the 230mm or 220mm mount holes let me know, I will be receiving these fans shortly and let you know how much more quiet they are compared to thermaltakes
  5. I didnt notice too much noise from my Spedo well except once but I tightened or loosened the fan screws on the door and it went away... oh anyone know how much cfm its rated at?
  6. The problem is the fan is mounted too close to the panel. You need to fit some standoffs at least 1" long.
    This means new bolts, and also cut a strip of clear plastic to mount between the fan and the panel.
    Once you do that, not only does the noise drop considerably, but the airflow increases dramatically.
    Pain in the butt to fix, but worth all the effort.
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