ASUS xonar d2 vsCreative Sound Blaster x-fi fatal1ty pro

i was just wondering, which is better? whats the difference with sound quality, that and is there really a difference in sound quality compared to on-board audio (say realtek ACL 888, what i currently have) that and would u get a increase in FPS in game play with a sound card? and my final question (or 2) dose X-FI really make things sound better, like MP3's, and dose the Xonar have any technology like this?

note that i am not concerned about price, support, or anything like that but the actual advantage of one card over the other in terms of sound quality with MP3's, Home Theater, and Gaming.
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  1. *There are several cards in the fatal1ty pro series, so I'll refrain from a direct comparision for the time being.

    Any soundcard will make audio sound better in comparirison to onboard sound, although speakers, cables, and the quality of the source will still be limiting factors.

    The D2 has several advantages over most any Creative offering: Stable drivers, free DDL/DTS-C support, 192KHz playback rate, and higher quality parts that lead to a clearer signal.

    The main downside is lack of 'true' EAX 5.0 support (although ASUS's method of mapping EAX calls through its driver is surprisingly accurate).

    Personally, if you feel EAX is important, you're best bet is to get an Auzentech Prelude/Forte. Auzentechs cards are based on Creative ones, but heavily modifed and quite frankly, far improved. And they did this while keeping prices lower then their competition.

    If you feel true EAX is unimportant, then ASUS is the way to go. Their cards have long since closed the gap for gaming, and offer superior quality when used outside gaming (music, HT systems, ect).
  2. ok, well, i was refering to the Creative Sound Blaster x-fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion series cuz i like the idea of the front panel, but i can live without, so the sound cars its self is a Creative Sound Blaster x-fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro
  3. The difference in sound quality will depend on more than just the sound card, source and speakers will also make a huge difference. With that said any decent quality sound card will be better than on board.

    As far X-fi as making mp3 sound better that's a matter of perspective and yes asus has a similar function with it's card. Personally I disable all effects and play the music the way it was recorded, but i also rip all my music myself at 254.

    I recommend the asus to most users for music and movies. i installed a xonar an a customers computer and it plays nicer than his bose 5.1 can put out. Again speakers make a huge difference.

    The exception to that rule is hardcore games who want full eax support. In which case i case i get them creative cards which is the only card I'm familiar with that supports eax completely. That said many games are content to take a slight hit to eax for the overall better sound and reduced price of an asus.

    All of this is a mote point if you plug a cheap pair of speakers into it, I repeat this so much cause no matter how much i say it my customers never listen. Then they get upset when their new sound card distorts through a pair of 20 watt speakers.
  4. Auzentech also has full EAX compliance (they licensed it), but without all the downsides of Creatives lack of features/driver hell.

    I'll admit it, in terms of pure quality, the Titanium beats the D2/D2X. That being said, I'd recommend the Auzentech Forte over the Titanium.
  5. Now that the X-fi drivers have finally matured and with full features within windows Vista/7, i personally would get the Titanium Fatality champion and also get the matching Fatality headset.

    i do have the headset but am running it on the older Audigy 2 zs card, and during the Vista experience, the sound was standard but clear, but since the new release of the Vista/7 drivers a couple of months ago, the sound quality is amazing, including great improvements in games.

    as soon as i have the money i will be purchasing the fatality champion card

    hope this helps
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