Screen goes black and Sometimes PC won't start up

Ive been dealing with this problem for almost 3 months. Computer repair guy had it for almost a month and couldn't fix it. Sent to manufacturer and they sent it back with same problem. I have replaced 3 MOBO's, and the graphics card. The PC might start up work great and then BAM!! BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH!! The PC will usually stay on or might restart but the monitor goes on standby and stays black. I have tried different monitors, power supply, video card, Mobo, and formating HD and reinstalling Vista. None of these worked and I got same exact problem. Tried safe mode, wiping good. Tried eraser on RAM to take out static no different. The best part is the manufacturer claims that it ran perfect for 24 hrs on stress test. I got it back and it lasted 10 minutes.

Here is my rig:

Case: Gigabyte
Cooling: Liquid Cooled plus fans
Processor: 2.83 GHZ Quad Core Intel
Power Supply: NZXT 800W 12V Rails
Graphics: EVGA GTX 260
Ram: 8 gigs Value Corsair or something like that.
Hard Drive: 250 Gig
Operating System: Windows Vista 64-bit

This setup worked perfectly (except for vista sucking) for 7 months and then the problems started. It began with the graphics card and then the whole PC took a dive. I've done every test I know of and messed with drivers for days. Someone please help. I am looking for any solution. Also, the manufacturer after knowing that I had already replaced the MOBO got my PC and guess what replaced the MOBO and declared it fixed. I am not happy. Anyways, I am in need of help before I throw this PC out my window.
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  1. when you tried dif. PSU's did u use a different one, or a new version of the same one?
  2. Thank you for the reply, The PC repair guy tried a different PSU not the same brand with less power. To compensate he put in a less demanding graphics card.
  3. i geuss u can only switch EVERYTHING out until you get ur problem fixed lol.. sorry im not much help
  4. Have you tried running with less ram? Try your system for a while with 4gb of ram and see how it goes. If that works, put the other 4 back in and raise the nb voltage 1 notch.
  5. I've tried running with 4gigs same result.
  6. How bout different combos of the ram and in different slots? Have you tried 2gb?
  7. what about upping the northbridge and ram voltage?
  8. Fixed ..... I guess.

    So sent the PC back to manufacturer AGAIN. Got it back and has been working great for a month. They said Power Supply was replaced and apparently that as the problem. This means I was lied to by the PC repair guy.

    For anyone out there that experiences these issue I hope this helps.

    The kind of problems mentioned above were due to a faulty power supply. Maybe the MOBO was bad to, dont think so, but the Power Supply was the answer.

    Thank You to all the people who have sent suggestions!
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