Please tell my ram and cpu are ok

I have a Core 2 quad q8400 at 2.67 default
3GB ram 667
G41 main board
160 GB hard

1.My question is whether i run in 1:1 ratio for the cpu and memory.......

CPU FSB=333 x 8
Ram = 333 x 2

IF not how do i change..

2.What are the best timings for my computer.....?

3. Will a DDR 3 1333 perform better with my processor?
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More about please
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    Your RAM and CPU are OK. :)

    I am guessing that you have some sort of G41 board with both DDR2 and DDR3 memory slots - yes?

    Most efficient and stable operation is at 1:1.

    Best timings - You answered in #1.

    Core2 CPU's really cannot take advantage of the higher potential memory bandwidth of DDR3 RAM. Many of the later Core2 motherboards use DDR3 RAM simply because it is mostly cheaper than DDR2 RAM.

    Incidently, G41 boards are poor overclocker when used with CPU's with a 333 MHz FSB. It's very difficult to push the FSB freq past about 360 MHz.
  2. Go find the factory specifications of your ram, CPU-Z has the part number google that and see. You can change it to those, lower timings less delays.
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