1156 socket on Asus P7P55D Questoin

I have bought an Asus P7P55D Motherboard from Newegg and have read several things about problems with the 1156 socket when trying to overclock it. I have finally received all the parts to complete my new system and plan to eventually try to do some moderate overclocking using this board.

I am not an expert like a lot of you and just want to know if this Asus board will be o.k. or should I get an updated board?

Thanks in advance for you input.
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  1. Where have you read ?
    I just checked some trusted sites and it seems a decent board:
    "When we forget about all the overclocking features for a minute we find a very stable motherboard that offers really good baseline performance. Next to that then, build quality of the motherboard is pretty darn good. The looks and design are thought through really well, everything seems to be right with this motherboard."

    "That's not to say it's bad in any way - in fact, it works excellently: it's stable, and probably the best overclocker we've yet used that provides a consistent and stable 200MHz base-clock. It has tonnes of extras to warrant the Deluxe badge, but it's stuck between the more desirable, yet costly Maximus III Formula (we've used this at a recent event), and budget boards that generally do the same job (we've had a £110 Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 at 200MHz base-clock as well)."

    "When it comes to overclocking the ASUS P7P55D Deluxe is a solid offering if you are wanting to overclock the unit the old way through the BIOS, which arguably, many of us want to do.
    The auto-overclocking "OC Tuner Utility" feature however sucked."
    "Well I beat the overclocking topic to death. Outside of the auto overclocking feature everything else overclocking related worked fine, but it did need more manual tweaking than other ASUS boards I've worked with in the past."

    "nd of course, you shouldn’t forget about the typical peculiarities of Asus mainboards: good accessories bundle, well-balanced design, high-quality electronic components, numerous brand name functions and technologies, excellent overclocking potential, long warranty periods"
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