Arctic Cooling Accelero 4870X2 Review

Hey guys, I preordered this bad boy, and got it early today. As far as I know, nobody has reviewed this cooler yet so I wanted to show you guys some results!

Notice the 8 heat pipes used to cool both gpu cores:

4870x2 with the stock cooler off.

Now the cooler is ready to go on, after the memory thermal pads and heatsinks for voltage regulators etc. are installed.

And it is mounted! Notice, this cooler is more than 2 slots thick, probably closer to 3, so alot of room is required. In fact, the bottom fans almost touch my 48701GB !

My rig is complete.

Now, Arctic Cooling claims a 50 celcius drop in temperature, this however (not surprisingly) is not the case. My initial results are still fabulous however.

My idle temps have dropped from 80+Celcius to low 60's *EDIT* {After reseating the heatsink and applying AS5 my idle temps are now a balmy 45C}, and full load temps have gone from high 90C and even 100C occasionally to about 75C maximum.

Not only are there significant temp drops, my whole rig is SO much quieter now, whisper quiet in fact, even when my gpu is at full load. All of this is attained by using 40% speed on the accellero fan which is whisper quiet, no doubt if I cranked the fans my temps would drop alot more, but there is no point to do that.

The installation of this cooler has been a nightmare however, I will not go into full detail, but be prepared to do alot of baby punching and cursing, also Arctic Cooling failed to send me a 8pin extender so I had to jam my original 8 pin into the card, which was difficult and frustrating.

Price: 85 USD
Installation: Time consuming, frustrating.
Materials: Everything was in good shape, but they didn't send an 8 pin extender
Performance: Phenomenal temp drops
Noise: There is none

Altogether I give this cooler an 8/10

I hope you have enjoyed this mini review, I will be in Iowa for the next 5 days so I can't answer any questions till I get back.
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  1. Here's mine. I LOVE this thing... but be warned... I nearly broke my fingers trying to screw the backplate crossbars back in. That was ABSURDLY hard.

  2. slimborama said:

    I still need to get one of the crossbars in
    I only got one in last night
    It seems as if the stock screws are barely long enough to reach the screws.
  3. Does it normaly come with an 8pin extender??? I ordered mine 2 days ago and i should receive it soon and i dont want any trouble... :S
  4. I'm in the UK and it seems you can only get this in USA, lucky sods, so I've ordered mine today and wait. Hopefully it won't take as long as my psu replacement (7weeks now!) which the original only lasted 3 months.

    I had a look at the instructions. What's with the preparation '6' part where you clean the memory and voltage regulator chips carefully with an eraser? I presume preparation '5' is when you take off the original thermal pads.

    Fingers crossed I get my 8pin connector too. It's not like I can buy that cable on it's own somewhere local.
  5. If you don't get the 8 pin extender, you can still jam your original in, but it is very tight and bends your cooler in the process, stupid arctic cooling
  6. Silly question but which way do the fans blow (on to the card or away)? I've got 2 120mm fans at the base of my pc currently blowing air in and I would imagine having two opposing air flows would not help. My sound card though is in the way so I guess it's not too bad but thought it would be worth asking. A friend reminded me about warranty which I'm guessing will be void but I'll check the terms tonight.
  7. The 3 fans blow directly on the heatsink, so, in general the airflow is 'up'. Also, although it voids your card manufacturing warranty, arctic cooling has there own 5 year warranty on the cooler, which I think is pretty hefty.
  8. Hey guys my cooler really did drop 50c. Although I am using reverse atx and my fans are venting upwards.

    Initial impressions: whoa its huge. It didn't take that long to install (just the screws that hold the plate were a bastard because they have springs, you gotta REALLY push down on the screws).

    Stock cooler idle 29% fan speed temp: core 1 51c core 2 46c
    Accelero hd4870x2 29% fan speed: core 1 35c core 2 31c

    Sound stock 39% is 2x LOUDER then accelero 100% fan speed. That's insane!
    Ingame: going to test in a second

    Ingame fan speed of 60% on accelero. It's so quiet I can ever hear my cpu fan on my true which I cant usually hear!

    Stock 46% fan speed Left 4 dead (VERY loud stock fan, my biggest gripe was because it was so damn loud. very shader intensive, gives me high temps).

    Core 1: 82c, core 2: 81c
    VDDC: 92c 95c 95c

    Accelero hd4870x2 60% fan speed (Dead silent).
    Core 1: 46c core2: 44c
    VDDC: 69c 70c 71c

    Idle temps:


  9. Those are some very impressive results! On a side note, my gpu's seem to be runing even cooler a few days after I installed the accelero xtreme. I now idle at about 50C, when I boot my computer I have seen them as low as 34C!

    Clerick, I've got a question for you. When you run Furmark, please try the Stability Test with 4XAA + Post Processsing + XtremeBurning Mode at the highest resolution that you can run. (basically everything maxxed out) and tell me your temps, and tell me how stable it is, also, what Catalyst version are you running, I am on 9.4

    I ask this because for some reason my card crashes after about 2 minutes of running furmark at that setting, the gpu cores stay nice and cool, about 70C maximum each, but it still crashes. Also, when it crashes the second red LED from the left stays lit on my card. I wonder if my memory is cooking too hot ? Please tell me your results thanks.

    BTW the card seems stable when running games and other gpu stress tests.
  10. It's just furmart killing the VRM. My card stays cool but furmark crashes to desktop about 20 minutes in.
  11. clerick said:
    It's just furmart killing the VRM. My card stays cool but furmark crashes to desktop about 20 minutes in.

    You need to download OCCT and test that VRAM!
  12. I've heard of OCCT instability of the hd4870 line due to some VDDC mess up due to reference design. Doesn't matter no game will ever stress the card like the apps do (I left left 4 dead overnight running, not a single bump). Also I meant VDDC above not gpu ram.
  13. Sorry, but can someone explain this further to me ? The VDDC is the problem, what's that ?
  14. Sorry for double post but, I reasearched the VDDC and I found out that the VDDC Current is the power being given to your card, I ran deadspace for a few minutes and my VDDC Current jumps gradually from 65 all the way to 112! Can this be safe, or correct ? Also, as my current rises my VDDC Slave Temps have gotten all the way up to 130C!!! I am shocked that this did not result in a crash. Somebody with any knowledge on this subject please give me some input.
  15. 130c? That's no good (i dont get nowhere near that). Also here:
  16. clerick said:
    I've heard of OCCT instability of the hd4870 line due to some VDDC mess up due to reference design. Doesn't matter no game will ever stress the card like the apps do (I left left 4 dead overnight running, not a single bump). Also I meant VDDC above not gpu ram.

    Never heard of that, both my 4870 X2s @ 800 core/ 1100 mem are totally stable after a run-through of OCCT.
  17. A little update on my problem, I have run through both Crysis and Dead Space, trying to stress my gpu's in a 'normal' enviornment, and both Rivatuner and GPU-Z have reported my VRM temperatues all the way up to 145C WITHOUT A CRASH however. I have read that the VRM cut-off temperature was 126C, so something is wrong, either the apps are not reporting the temps accurately, or my VRM's are gettting nice and toasty with no ill affects, comments ?
  18. Post images of gpu-z on idle and ingame please.
  19. This is an alt+tab from Crysis, notice the current VDDC temps are well over 100C, however the one temp had reached 142 C as you can see.

  20. And at idle.....
  21. You sure when you installed the cooler you removed the blue tape as well as the clear tape (there was tape on both sides) before you applied the vdcc thermal pads?
    Here's my run of furmark max settings 8xaa xtreme burn test/stability at max res for 6 minutes:
  22. Idle VRM temps:
  23. yea, I removed the blue tape, I had to do alot of jimmying with the cooler to get the two X brackets on the card, maybe the heatsink got knocked off a bit then. I mounted a 120 mm fan at the end of the cooler to help cool the VRM's, it helps a bit, but I still get temps in the 120-130 C range, which not only is insanely high, it is kind of impractical because I believe the card is supposed to shut down at those temps. and mine is not.

    Worst case scenario I could try and remount the cooler, but let's be honest, nobody wants to put those X brackets back in unless they have to. Not to mention my actual GPU temps are great.
  24. Update:

    I went through with it and removed the accelero Xtreme, I double checked all the heat sinks, and all the places of thermal contact. From what I could see, there was nothing out of place.

    I went ahead and applied some AS5 to my gpu cores and put the heatsinks back on. Beleive it or not the X brackets which took hours to install the first time, went in in about 5 minutes!

    Finally, I tested Furmark, and Dead Space again, to my surprise my temps are MUCH better! The highest my VRM temps have gotten is 104 C (which is actually an acceptable number for these things) Furmark did not crash within the first few minutes, which it had done previously.

    My one 'set' of VRM's run at about 54C idle, and my other 'set' run at about 48C idle, very respectable numbers.

    My only guess is that there was a screw or two loose, or a thermal pad was not making good contact, but like I said nothing looked wrong when I took it apart. Lastly, my gpu core temps are even better than before, thanks to the AS5. I now idle at around 42C on both cores, which was something I could never achieve with the stock cooler, even at 100%
  25. I've read up on the issue: your temps are fine. Just furmark with ati hd4xxx line running in bench mode is a card killer and is not a good stability tester.
  26. Well, you are right about Furmark being a card killer, it seems to be a fault with the 48XX series of cards. However, my temps were never 'fine' I mean, 142 C from playing a game is a little ludicrous. I think now that I have reseated the cooler, my temps will stay within the normal range, it was never furmark temps that I was worried about, because you can't play benchmarks, it was the games giving me high temps that scared me.
  27. Oh those were game temps. Never mind you're good now though.
  28. Seems I'll need to wait 2-3weeks before mine is dispatched. Everywhere I look it's either out of stock, not international or if in the uk they don't sell it (using the list of sellers from the cool makers own site). I'll wait for now until I can find somewhere else. So annoying though although I can't use my 4870x2 right now as my psu broke and been waiting 7 weeks now for a replacement and in the mean time using my 600w psu and a 8800 gtx to keep my going. The only problem seems to be when I play l4d and at random the game can crash and if I minimise to the desktop it says the driver stopped running and recovered. Until I reinstall the driver it keeps doing it in l4d or not. The problem can be within a few minutes or I managed to last 3.5hrs in a survival map and not crash. I don't think temp is to blame (around 45deg C I think) so thought it was power.
  29. It sure sounds like power, but did you remember to use driver cleaner pro when you witched from the 4870x2 to the 8800GTX ?
  30. Nope I just uninstalled the driver and ati control center then installed nvidia.

    Lately I've not been having this problem. Instead now l4d likes to freeze and go in to a sound feedback loop. By minmising the game and back again it responds. Often something like someone contacting me on msnm is the cause.

    I'm trying to sort out this psu problem now coming up to 2 months! Found out that the original suppler of the 4870x2 cooler is out of stock but found somewhere in New Mexico who has 2 in stock. Sheessh this cooler is so bloody hard to find! I hope it will be worth it.
  31. Hey guys.I got the cooler yesterday,the installation wasn't that hard,only the part with the crossbarsas everyone has said,took me about half an hour just for that lol.Anyway,I used to have ~72C on Idle with the stock cooler at 40% and about 95C while playing games,fan at 75% or more. Now I have 40-45C Idle and max I have seen at full load is 70C!Well,I have only tried Prototype so far,but yeah,seems pretty awesome.
    However,it seems like there is a problem.The middle fan of the cooler doesnt work at all :(
    So,is that supposed to happen and it starts functioning at higher tempratures,or I have done something wrong/product is faulty? Please if anyone knows ;)
  32. I'd say why have a 3rd idle fan when the other 2 are working harder to so it stays idle? Best have all 3 on and have lower speeds/noise. Think you've got a duff one :(. Mine should be on it's way now from New Mexico (hardly my local store :P). Btw did yours come with both plugs or did you have to force in one of your original ones like others have?
  33. Leonhart said:
    I'd say why have a 3rd idle fan when the other 2 are working harder to so it stays idle? Best have all 3 on and have lower speeds/noise. Think you've got a duff one :(. Mine should be on it's way now from New Mexico (hardly my local store :P). Btw did yours come with both plugs or did you have to force in one of your original ones like others have?

    Same as everyone,had to use an extra one,good thing I found it easily^^
    Oh well,guess I will have to ask for replacement though :s
  34. Well mine looks to be on it's way and the place I got it from is 'out of stock!' :O. Can't wait but still need a replacement PSU so I can put it in!
  35. I want to know from everybody who has ordered this cooler: Did yours come with the proper 8 to 8 pin extender or did you recieve an 8 to 6 pin, and if so are you using the 8 to 6 pin and is it shorting out the power to your card in any way ? Thanks.
  36. I got the 8 to 6 pin as well. card seems to be working fine even under heavy load (and also I'm overclocked to 800 core).
  37. Makes me wonder why they didn't use 2x6 pin for the original design of the 4870X2, or is there some way that the card is still receiving the same amount of power. Anyways, I just jammed my 8 pin in there from my power supply because the last thing I need is to underpower my gfx card.
  38. hi all ! could one of you guys who have fitted your cooler measure the actual thickness/height of the card with the new cooler as accurately as possible please?
    ive just orderd a 4870x2 with this cooler in mind but not sure it will fit if its full triple slot!!!! help!!!
  39. Hi, i've buyed and mounted the accelero xtreme on my x2, but i've some strange hot temps.
    I followed the manual and put the heatsinks on video ram, both cores and everything, but when i launch a game, (tried aa3, empire total war and some minutes ago trine's demo) , with everest on my g15 keyboard i see GPU2MemIO over 100°, with trine over 130°, then the pc crashed.
    Don't know what to do to lower that temp, i opened the heatsink to check all, but nothing is wrong, what is this sensor? and where is on the card?
  40. I have exactly the same problem mentionen earlier in this thread - high temps on VRM's.
    I bought mine AC last week and mounted it according to instruction. TWICE.
    VRM temp at furmark reached >150° !!!!!
    Try run furmark with MSAA and postprocessing disabled and max burning enabled.
    I've noticed even bigger temps in that mode...
    Should i replace thermal pads on VRM or reuse the original?
    Is that possible to bind two together to make it bolder for better thermal conductivity? Or should I buy bolder thermal pads..?
  41. Maybe is possible to put some artic silver between videoram and accelero's heatsink? I mean, look 3rd annisman's picture, leaving that blue and put some artic and then close the heatsink, maybe the temperature will drop a bit.. what u think?
  42. Tell us the temperatures of your other hardware, if others are running extremely hot and you keep them stock-cooled, no wonder this cooler won't help that much while gaming :P
  43. Other temps are ok, i haven't got any stock cooler inside box.
    I remount again whole sink, set rpm speed of accelero coolers to 70% (about 1700 rpm), now temps are much better (about 110 degrees) but i have concenrs about playing anything longer than 5 minutes...
    Additional fan failed his job, so i removed it.
    What else can i do?
  44. FINALLY got mine today :bounce: !! It arrived at work yesterday but I was off waiting for my ram at home.

    I have both, that's BOTH 6 and 8 pin adapters but in my enthusiasm to get it out and check it out, I've scratched a bit of the paste off - I'll try and smooth it out but if that fails I can always clean it off and reapply it. Will be keen to try it out tonight although maybe have problems as my old pci souncard likely won't fit anymore but my new pci-e soundcard has arrived at work (just need to be told to collect it).

    I saw my 4870x2 hit 69 deg C yesterday after being on most of the day but nothing heavy until late on. CPU now at 27-29 deg C whereas my northbridge and motherboard at 45-50 deg C. Fair few fans in side keeping it cool and this cooler should help a lot as the 4870x2 sits right next to my northbridge.

    One thing though guys you might be of some help with. Ever since I got the 4870x2 about Jan 09 I've had problems with the drivers and no display. After installing the drivers when I came to the welcome screen my monitor goes in to standby mode but the pc is still active (can even shut it down properly). I somehow got it to work before but this time it didn't so contacted ATI. All they could do was say that some dvi users have this no display problem and said to try this hotfix. It didn't work but I did install this ontop of the drivers I downloaded so will try uninstalling them then reinstalling the hotfix. What is important though is that I can plug my pc in to my tv with hdmi and that works just fine. Seeing l4d and other high end games on 32" tv in all its glory is stunningly awesome though but the size of everything is either too small (text) or too big (msnm window).

    Anyone else have this problem? I'll let you know how my cooler gets on. People seem to be using TechPowerUp's GPU-Z to measure temp so I'll give that a go although ATI control center is a start.
  45. Well I think I started eroding the end of my screwdriver trying to get some screws off!

    I don't know if I should have cleaned the old thermal paste off. I chose not to and if it was best I did then I can. Turns out I didn't need to change my soundcard - it just about fits like someone's picture above but since it's arrived and better than my current one I'm not going to complain.

    Using techpowerup -gpu-z I'm now getting 44deg idle (69deg with stock) and whilst playing l4d campaign mode online I hit a max of 72deg. Sounds good I guess and the thermal paste may need a bit of breaking in. I'll keep an eye on it and let you guys know after a few days. I'm fairly novice in this regard but it sounds to me like I'm much better off now (forgot to check my temp under non idle conditions but I'm guessing way more than 72deg). I think it's also obvious how quiet my pc is, even my gf has noticed it. I still need to keep the side fan off as that's too noisey and one of my motherboard sys fan sokcets seems to make noise when I connect a fan to it but still it's overla in good health which is more than I can say about my previous pc setup.

    Thanks for all the info guys, it's been very useful.
  46. JUST A REMINDER for everybody 'testing' their new Accelero Xtreme coolers with FURMARK : Furmark is KNOWN to have issues with the 48** series cards, basically it overloads the VRMs resulting in high VRM temperature and will most likely crash your system. Even if your VRM temps are good, it may still crash your system, my best advice is to stay away from furmark.

    Also a note about VRM and memory temps on the 4870X2:

    Alot of people I see are still worried about memory and VRM temps after installing this cooler. Just remember that for the most part the Accelero uses the same exact way of cooling the video memory as the stock cooler, so most likely your memory temps will stay about the same. Also, the memory on this card is made to run HOT, if you see temps in the 100C+ mark, do not freak out this is normal with heavy gaming or stress testing.

    The VRM temps can also reach ridiculously high temperatures, some of mine were getting up to 135C without crashing (before I reseated my cooler), of course these temps are way too high for constant use, but my point is that these things can get very toasty.

    I hope this helped clear up some issues.
  47. Initial impressions: whoa its huge. It didn't take that long to install (just the screws that hold the plate were a bastard because they have springs, you gotta REALLY push down on the screws).

    To make it easier mount those screws put something between cooler plate and cooler ribs so cooler plate doesn't flex down when u try push screws in 'nut'
  48. Well i have run into a problem where my card died and as far as i can tell it was due to overheating =(.

    After playing Crysis for like 10 mins my computer freezes up and when i try and start it up again all i get is a flashing comand promp.

    After some testing of individual parts it turns out the 4870x2 has died (i get 3 red led on the back and the middle led keeps flashing on and off), has anybody else had issues with the 4870x2 overheating in Crysis, i had it running at 1920 x 1200 with most of the setting maxed to see how the new cooller would handle the heat.

    Not sure what to do at this point, wonder if i can put the old heatsink back again and try and get a warranty replacement =(

    NOTE: Im also concerned why they would give you a 8 to 6 pin extension when the card has a 8 pin power, anybody else had any issues with this by chance ?
  49. In terms of cooling initially I'm getting these kinds of stats.

    Idle gpu = 44degC there abouts (think that's where it tends to settle after inital start up).

    When running uFolding at Home (which puts the gpu under full load) = ~56degC.

    When running L4D under max settings = It's peaked at 72degC.

    What is a bit odd is that my temps have gone up overall. I have though moved my pc from below the window to the other side of the table which is just under 2m so that might explain it. Still the temps seem perfectly fine - better than before anyway.

    CPU was 29 - now ~33.
    MCH (must be northbridge) was 42 - now still ~42 I think maybe up to 45.
    System temperature - was 37 now ~42 I think max.

    It's a bit hard to remember the stats at work but I'll do a screenie later.

    I did wonder if you could try putting the old stock back on but having taken it off and saw that the old thermal pads were partly on cooler and partly on's worth a go but I'd wonder if they have ways of knowing if you'd tampered with it. For me it might not be so much the pads but that the screws holding down the X plates have been clearly damaged as if a screwdriver was trying to get them off (so much force was needed). I don't have Crysis but that's my view on the warranty side of things. How old is it and is there any sign of you taking the stock cooler off? You might be lucky. I'm still new to assembling pc's (in terms of thermal pastes etc where it's important you get it right) so I went for testing it under idle load first before increasing the load. Think you were in too much of a hurry :non: lol. Hope you get it all sorted.

    I got the 2 connections you are meant to get. Well the card has an 8 pin connector and 6 pin connector. Since the cables going to the card can be both 6 and 8 it doesn't really matter I'd have thought whether the extention was to 6 or to 8 from the card as long as one was a 6 and one was an 8 to go in to the card.
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