I cant install window xp sp2 over window 7 because of higher version of window 7

when i try to install window xp sp3 over window 7, i am unable to install. its just becoz the version of window i've installed is higher than the version on the xp disk,Can anyone plz tell me how to fix dis problem.
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  1. first if you are using SATA drives, you will need the XP drivers for the chipset since XP does not support SATA controllers.

    once you get to the point where you see the list of available drives and partitions, and it asks you which drive to install XP on, you will need to delete all partitions before you can install XP.

    make sure to backup all data first.
  2. you can't install window xp over window 7 when running in window 7,
    to install xp you need to install it in native mode that is , start you pc, put bootable cd in drive , then restart, then follow onscreen instructions (make sure you have chosen boot from cd/dvd as your 1st boot choice),
    Note that installing xp over window 7 will make your window 7 inactive that you can not use that window 7 again until you reinstall it
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