Upgade time ssd?

Hi everybody. im coming into a little bit of extra cash soon, im debating whether or not to get an ssd. what do you think is the best upgrade to buy. I know that ssd's are fast but i also know they have their limitations. I play a lot of games on pc. I usually go thru 7 to 10 a year and i reformat once a year. I know that raptors are also an option. But i hear theres a lot more that can go wrong with performance drives. I got 300 bucks to blow. Heres what i have/

i7 950
Asus sabertooth x58
gtx 470
6gb ddr3
650 watt corsair psu
320gb western digital hdd
storm scout case.

The practical side of me wants to wait on an ssd because they are still maturing but i got funds to blow on hardware that will become obsolete in a year.. thanks !!
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    SLI 470s? Add a nuclear reactor first so the power bump doesn't blackout the neighbourhood. What about a 570 and sell the 470?

    Buy an SSD. Vertex 3 or intel g3 (when they come out). They're in the pipe!
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