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I am very new to all this, and very confused.

Now that I am making money I decided that it is time for a new computer.
I have a 23 inch monitor that I use for my PS3 and sometimes I hook it up to my laptop through HDMI but my laptop just doesn't do the trick on this monitor with gaming.

Would it be possible to have a budget set at about... 1.2k-1.4k and be able to run all games on the highest settings at 1920x1080 smoothly?

I already have a keyboard and mouse and speakers. And as mentioned above, I have a monitor as well. Only thing missing is the computer. =p

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. =]
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  1. Well yes for that budget you can easily get a config that can run all games smoothly at that resolution (Maybe except Crysis :P)...
    You would get better responses if you post the topic on New System Build...
    And read this sticky...
  2. Are you in the US or Canada, and how do you feel about overclocking. Yes to overclocking means, you can have a very powerful system for the money in your budget. Crysis with high settings and good performance is very much in your grasp.
  3. Im in the US and I don't know much about overclocking but I wouldn't mind doing it in a safe range if it is going to make a difference.
  4. That would be a high end socket 775 build. A system built around the e8500 or q9550 w/ xfire would be in your budget and game nicely.
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