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My first post on here nice site, lets get straight to it. I recently bought a BFG Tech GTX 260. I upgraded from my 9800GTX, and since installing it I have received blue screen errors of the following. Page fault in a non paged area. I have read that is typically a RAM error, however I have swapped out ram and put other in and still receive the screen. Another problem could be I have overclocked my CPU but have never had a problem until installing this video card. I am leaning towards the memory on the video card. The only game I get the blue screen in is usually FSX, but today I got it just sitting on the desktop which tells me it's getting worse. It very well could be my CPU is going bad, but it's only about a year old. If I didn't sell my 9800GTX I could just swap it out to see if that is in fact my problem. But with it being new and this error being recent I am leaning 95% that way. All of my drivers have been updated and everything is up to date, so it is not a software issue.

(My Specs)

Asus P5KC Motherboard P35 Chipset
GTX 260 896MB ram with 448bit processing 216 Core Video card.
Western Digital 1TB 7200RPM 16MB cache HDD.
Kingwin 750 Watt Tri SLI PSU.
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600.

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  1. When do the blue screens occur? When idling? When pushing 3D graphics?

    What are your temps when the blue screens occur? Try monitoring the temps with CPUID Hardware Monitor.

    The 260 uses maybe 40W more than the 9800, but 750W should have enough 12V amps to cover that. What is the 12V rating on your specific Kingwin? And yeah, it would be nice to swap the 9800 back in.

    Need to make sure its not heat or power causing the blue screens before digging deeper.
  2. What is your memory? I think it could be your PSU.
  3. Thanks for the quick replys. As far is it being 750Watt, I'm sorry I meant to say 800W. I took a screen shot to show you my temps idle, my temps full load never exceed 55C. I only normally get blue screen errors typically while playing FSX, other than that the only time I got it was when I was switching windows on my browser, which was yesterday 8-19. My memory is 1066 1333MHZ DDR3 4GB, I swapped back to my DDR2800 to see if it was in fact memory related, but I still get my blue screens. I don't think it is my power supply, as I have a PSU tester and all checked out fine on it. I test it every 6 months, and I just tested before I put this one in. I don't know, pretty soon I am going to upgrade every part. I'm leaning towards memory corruption in my Video Card.

    (screenshot of voltage and temps)

  4. Id clean the drivers out in safe mode with driver sweeper and install the latest known stable drivers.
  5. While you lean toward memory corruption, don't mind me while I lean to psu problems lol. They cause problems more frequently than failed video cards. Your new graphics card is putting a 10% higher load on the psu, the failures don't appear to be heat related, and unless I miss my guess your psu tester only identifies that you have live rails.

    But it seems you have changed graphics cards, psu, and memory recently. Anything else change?

    By all means uninstall all nvidia software, and reinstall a fresh download of the latest drivers. If you still get blue screens, I'd look hard at the psu.
  6. had the same problem 2 things can couse it faulty RAM AND faulty GPU RAM stress the GPU with some stability test software there is plenty out there if you get the same BSOD switch to older card and if you still get the the blue screen its your RAM
  7. I had about 3 months of annoying BSOD problems. Random ones from SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and many others. Swapped RAM and still no joy. Turned out that the stock cooler with the Phenom 9950 was rubbish and the CPU was reaching 65c at full load and then BSOD. The CPU was even running at stock and also underclocked too. Replaced the cooler with a Zalman CNPS-9700 LED cooler, no BSOD at all and max of 48c at full load. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. CPU may be a factor too.
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