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hello ,
i am posting in this site for the first time and i am facing a problem related as to which graphic card to buy . I already have spent hours and hours searching the net and comparing the cards but i am still confused . so plz help
my system specs intel g31 motherboard
450w power supply
core 2 duo 2.2 ghz
160 gb hdd sata

I have shortlisted my choice of cards to these 9800gtx+,gts 250 1gb or 512 mb ddr3 , gtx 260 may be if the power supply is enough and quadro fx 570 also coz i am student of animtaion and require a card that can run my applications nicely . I had an 8600gt 512mb ddr2 befrore works good able to play games like crysis , cod4,pro street etc with balanced med and high settings . but my 8600gt used to slow the 3d applications also if the ply count got higher or even while moving a layer in adobe Ae always gets heated up in the especially in summers ,this is the second time it has gone for replacement coz it got fried reaching temp upto 116deg and even more so getting fed up of the trouble with the card i have decided to go for a new card now also seeing the prices have drop i am looking froward to buy a much better card . plz suggest which of the cards is better for both my 3d appliacations and the games betterrrrrrr than the 8600 gt plz , cant go above fx 570 ,out of budget rest r too expensive . budget 150-200$ INR 10000 approx and not sucha fan of Ati cards but still any suggestions r welcomed and plz give specs and b4enchmarks of the cards u would suggest Thanks in advance . and sry if my english is bad
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  1. Don't buy a Quadro. A gaming card will do just as well:

    Workstation Graphics Cards and their Mainstream Equivalents Quadro,2258.html
  2. Here's an idea, it really isn't risky, but might involve "some" knowledge in rivatuner.

    Buy an 8800GT (brand isn't important) for about $110-120, download the latest rivatuner and Quadro drivers. Install rivatuner and the geforce drivers that came with the card, then reboot and follow these steps:

    1.) Open rivatuner
    2.) On the upper selection area look for "Low-Level system settings" and open it
    3.) Go to the NVStrap Driver tab.
    4.) On the PCI DeviceID settings look for a dropdown box that says "Graphics adapter identification". Select "Custom" there.
    5.) Cycle through the new options that you'll see now, until you find one that says (NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700). Press apply and Ok.
    6.) Reboot your system.
    7.) Uninstall the Geforce drivers and use Driver Cleaner Pro to make sure you got them all.
    8.) Install the latest Quadro drivers.
    9.) Be the happy owner of an FX 3700 for $120.
  3. GTS 250 would be best among the cards.
    You would have to get a new power supply for the GTX 260.
  4. Whata coincidence.. i too have similar issues & confused to upgrade my card. I have Core 2 Duo 2.33 Ghz, 2 Gb DDR2, Intel G31 m/b & Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 256mb DDR3 card. Yestday i got the card replaced, i got a brand new replaced card. It was working very well till date, Far Cry, FEAR, CRYSIS, Painkilller were played with Full details enabled.

    Recently it started to burn like anything & finally dint allow my pc to boot, i took the card out, pc worked fine with inbuilt graphics. I just cant live without that card.. Now i want to play FEAR 2, STALKER series, FAR CRY 2, any recent high end game, i have compared ATi Radeon HD 4800 series cards, they seem to be performing very well, planning to buy one, my budget is within Rs.10000. Also i'm confused to buy 512 or 1gb card in ATi Radeon HD 4870 or 4830 or 4850.
    I also am aware of DX11 games, they are totally better & dfrent than DX10 games or even cards supporting them, but DX11 cards are very costly, cant afford them right now. Plz help me with this frenz..
    Plz email to Plz... i will be waiting for your suggestions. I need to finish this ASAP.
  5. evongugg said:
    Don't buy a Quadro. A gaming card will do just as well:

    Workstation Graphics Cards and their Mainstream Equivalents Quadro,2258.html

    Did you read this article you just linked? It concludes :

    A Quadro FX 4800 moves up to 10 times faster when running workstation applications than the GeForce GTX 280. This leads swiftly to a clear and inescapable conclusion: there's no good reason to use a GeForce graphics card for workstation applications. It just doesn't pay.

    EDIT: However I do agree that a student on a budget probably shouldn't invest in an expensive workstation class card.

    -In the $150 range an ATI 5770 would be a much better choice than any Nvidia offering.

    -Also, depending on the quality/brand of your PSU you may need to upgrade it. If its a generic brand it would be risky to run anything heavier than a 5750 on it. (that means no power-hungry GTS 250 or GTX 260)
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