Mulitple monitor question (crossfire and gtx 295)

I wanna be able to use 3 monitors. So the cards Im considering are two 4870 in crossfire or a gtx 295.

1. How easy is it to switch crossfire mode on and off, cause Im assuming only two screens work in crossfire mode.
Can it be done automatically? Like when u start a 3D game it turns itself on? Or some kinda quickbind?

2. Gtx 295, I read something that you can have two monitors in the DVI connectors and a TV in the HDMI and they would all work.
Is this true? Must the TV be some other screens clone?

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  1. CrossFire X has a few other nice attributes that SLI doesn't share. One of those is the ability to work seamlessly with multiple monitors—no more enabling and disabling multi-GPU mode in order to switch between single-screen gaming and multi-display productivity sessions. AMD says this capability has been extended to more than two GPUs. Even four GPUs and eight displays ought to work effortlessly, as I understand it, though I've not had the chance to try it out myself. The one drawback here is that 3D apps running in a window are only accelerated by a single GPU.
  2. Hmm, is that the same with all windowed mode gaming? Cause that would be horrible, I play way too many games in windowed mode to have it work like that >_<
  3. actually nvidia sli can support multpile monitors now this is something rather new for them...check this link out it explains how to connect multiple monitors for the 295 it says u can only have 2 monitors but to add a third u could put a crappy card in another slot and run it off there hope this helps
  4. So I could just get an gtx 295, have 2 monitors plugged into that, then put my nvidia 7950gt in another slot and have the 3rd monitor plugged into that?
    And all 3 monitors would work at all times while getting full effect on main monitor from the gtx 295?
  5. Yes, that will work.
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