I7 for LGA 1366 or LGA 1156 Which is better ??

I'm considering a buy new computer.

I'm think of Intel i7 and i7 has two different socket model(LGA 1366, LGA 1156)

Someone advice me to buy a Intel i7 LGA 1156
because of
it has Integrated PCI-E Controller and Newer than LGA 1366


Someone advice me to buy a Intel i7 LGA 1366
Becase of
it has Expandability of Future 6core cpu(maybee i9??)

i7 in a different socket, which is better??
old socket LGA 1366 but future 6 core cpu??
or new LGA 1156 socket??

which would be better??
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  1. Plus 1366 supports triple-channel RAM, 1156 is only dual channel. Doesn't make a difference to most people but it's a difference nonetheless.

    At the end of the day, 1366/X58 is going to be the high-end platform with 1156/P55 the mainstream. Unfortunately making the choice now means you have to stick with it.

    Both have a future, but the nice/stupid processors like the hex-core i9 Gulftown will be on 1366. If you're not a high-end user or serious gamer then I'd save some cash and go 1156 because you won't use the high-end features (although SLI and Crossfire will be on 1156).
  2. Cool.

    After seeing some i5 vs i7 earlier, I decided to just go i7 LGA 1366 myself. See no use (in the immediate) to go for LGA 1156
  3. personally, the design of the i5 and i7 on the lga 1156 is more efficient than the 1366, but the x58 chip just has more bandwidth anyway.
  4. So if you want to go with single card gpu use lga 1156, if muti card then 1366.
  5. If your into gaming and want to CF or SLI go with the I7 on the 1366 platform. Micro center has the I7's 920 for $199 and can not be beat on price. Given the x16x16 PCI-E lanes, much better choice then I5's.
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