4 Sata HDD enclosure to network (how to) ?

Hello, I have a Probox 4 SATA HDD enclosure of different sizes (3x500gb and 1x750gb), connected to main computer via USB 2.0. I would like to have that Probox to be network attached to share with my other 3 pc's. Looking for either Ethetnet (USB-RJ45) adaptor ot other known hardware solution. Trying to avoid to buy a NAS enclosure.
Thanks to all who take the time to read and propose solutions.

Serge, Canada
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  1. Easiest solution is to buy a router that has a storage link feature. Linksys and D-Link have router with this feature. The router has a USB port for ext HDD. Once the drive is plugged into the router, it becomes basically a NAS.

    Example: Linksys E 3000
  2. Thank you Electrontau,

    That could prove a functional solution indeed.
    I was also looking at a USB to Ethernet convertor/adaprot widget. Something along the lines of:

    Since I don't want to replace my actual router, adding a network hub with a USB port, should work ?

  3. Product description says it should work. Also way cheaper than replacing the router. Good luck.
  4. Finy found a 4 USB port hub, that's network connect.

    Now have solution in hand.
    Big thanks for your contribution.

    With best regards,
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