Phenom II 955 vcore

Hey, I recently bought a new PC. And my specs are as following:

- Corsair vx450w PSU
- AMD Phenom II x4 955
- Corsair XMS3 1600MHz DDR3, 2x2GB, CL9
- Asus GTX 560 Ti (Stock clock)
- ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 Motherboard

I'm using the stock cooler from AMD currently, and running my CPU @ 4013.5 MHz it's getting too hot. Idle temps are 49, and during full load the temperatures peaks at 69 °C (!). I haven't experienced a single crash, and I'm running games such as a Crysis 2 Demo with all settings maxed out very smoothly. Well, to the point. I think the heat issue comes from the high vcore, witch is left on Auto. I'm looking to know how I can manually set my vcore on this motherboard. It's obviously not as simple as just typing in for example 1.425. If I do, the field turns red and says 0.70000? Well, I would very much like to know of a way to decrease the vcore as much as possible until I find the perfect spot.
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  1. With stock cooler @ 4GHZ the only thing that you are doing is reduce the CPU's life span.

    Go to you BIOS, disable C1E support and try to reduce the Vcore in little steps.
  2. C1E and Cool & Quite is disabled, however I simply do not know how to manually change the vcore, that's what I'm asking. Thanks for the reply!
  3. What voltage options gives you the BIOS?
  4. Well, basically what the screenshot showes. Pressing - or + on the numpad changes nothing : (
  5. The screen don't show all options.

    Change CPU Offset Voltage from "Auto" to " Manual"
  6. I managed to boot my pc with 1.416 v at the same speed, no less vcore or bsod or no boot. Thanks for the replies, looking forward to a cooler future! :D
  7. as saint said your board probley says offset you need to change it to manual and then set the voltage also i agree that a stock cooler at 4.0Ghz aint good cpu coolers are cheaper then cpu's don't forget that also just my opinion but 3.8 Ghz and that GPU card should be plenty i cant say i think there is much of an advantage to going past 3.8 with that gpu for game play would love to hear opposition on that from any one. nice gpu chip though love the gf114.

    that is way beyond the max temp of the cpu maybe bad reading it should have dumped on you?????????
  8. In Bios change your CPU & NB Voltage Mode form "OFFSET" to "MANUAL" and then you can raise the v-core. I think we have the same bios. I have the same board as you just the 89TD/USB 3.0, exact Bios. Like I said switch and you will be fine.
  9. I swapped to an aftermarket cooler my brother had, it is crap. Yet 5 degrees less on the CPU. I'm worriying about my PSU though, it I think it's very close to its peak performance :p When I overclocked the GPU with about 12% I couldn't finish 3Dmarkvantage without a black screen. Obviously before that happend the PSU fan sounded like a jet machine.

    So for the future a TX750w PSU and a Noctua DH-14 cooler and im all good for another GF114 in SLI too : ) Oh, and CPU-Z, BIOS. and the Asus overclocking utility reports different vcore's.
  10. Corsair 450W? Corsair is an excellent brand, but can't give you more power that is rated, you definitely need a better PSU.
  11. It's actually enough for this setup, however if I want to overclock further, add more HDD's or another GPU I'd have to upgrade. SIW.exe says my cpu uses 117.6w @ 4,00 Ghz. I doubt that my GPU and HDD's use over 320w together. It's not like my pc is underperforming or anything, 21216 Vantage score! : )
  12. Heya, back with my new Noctua NH-DH14 cooler, idling around 28 °C and during half an hour with maximum heat test in p95 it peaks at 50 °C. (4.0 GHz)
    I managed to boot my pc @ 4,3 Ghz, but my third core always fail in p95, even past 1.5 volt. Clocking higher than 4100 Mhz my third core tends to fail, how should I proceed, any input? : )
  13. How long are you running prime? 7 minutes?
  14. why would you want to overclock past 4.0GHz anyway? I dont think your going to notice much difference between 4.0 and 4.3. As was previously stated between 3.6 and 3.8 is optimum for gaming.
  15. Heya, managed to hit 4,2, but it required 1.54000 volt to get stable, that's quite an increase, as for the increase in performance it's linear. So, I'm using 4,0 GHZ now, because it only requires 1.4400 volt, and keeps at around 48 degrees during gaming.
  16. I did not know that, do you have any sources for that kind of information, and why would a GPU limit the CPU operation speed? Are you saying EVERY graphic card, paired with either intel or amd cant benefit from higher than 3,8 ghz? My fps in 3dmark vantage increases as I increase CPU speed.
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