Need help on headset

Hi.. I got an asus xonar dx and i'm thinking of buying a headset to go with it..

here are my choices..

Logitech G35 [...] 6826104281
=====> logitech says it uses a second generation of dolby headphones..

Sennheiser PC350 [...] er%20pc350
=====> just stereo headphones

Tritton AX51 [...] 6826235007
=====>says it has native 5.1 speakers

=which is best?
=does G35 sound a good 7.1 even though its not a "true" 7.1 surround?
=can PC350 provide good surround sound over the two even if it's just stereo?
=will be used on movies, games and music...
=which is the best for movies?
=which is the best for music?

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  1. I personally like the steelseries headsets for gaming/movies, cheap and confortable (at least compared so some others). Then again I have a big head.
  2. Do you know of any reasonable headsets that have a "mono" switch on them? Yes, I could rewire one, but you'd think somebody out there would realize that someone who buys a headset may be deaf in one ear...
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