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I own 2 BFG GTX 260 OC2 Maxcore graphic cards. Those cards have 2 connectors everyone on it for 3 way sli bridge, but i have only two cards and so i link them whith standart 2x sli bridge, does it matter if i place the sli bridge on left or right connectors? and just wanted to know if someoe tried to use x3 sli bridge with x2 sli setup? did it work?
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  1. Well I know you have an upside to the bridge. I put mine upside down to see if it would work and it didn't. But the bridge has no indications of which side is up or down. Concerning the SLI connectors themselves, I just use the first one from the left and it works for me. But I suppose either one would work, though I never tried it.

    If you're new at the SLI setup, make sure your motherboard doesn't have any jumpers on it to lock SLI out like mine did. Also, make sure to enable SLI in the bios.
  2. thank you
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