Auto Voltage on i7-2600K Overclock?

I just bought a new rig (still in pieces) that I'd like to start OC from the get go but I have a few questions. I've read over the sticky about OCing ( and that helped a lot but I'm not sure how tuning my voltages will work. Here's a quick overview of my rig

ASUS P8P67 Pro
GSkill Ripjaws DDR3 PC3 12800 2x4GB
CM Hyper 212+ & additional fan for push/pull
XFX 850W Black ed PSU
Arctic Silver 5

I am not intending to do anything crazy with my OC. I would be perfectly happy getting my multiplier to 40-42x for a 4.0-4.2GHz speed. My question is do I need to manually tune my voltages if I use a lower multiplier. I understand that in order to get a stable OC at higher multipliers you need to adjust voltages. However, I'm just not really looking to go that high so would the auto voltage option still work for this? Is there an added benefit of manually adjusting my voltages instead of doing auto?

Also, AS5 calls for a 200 hour cure time. Mrface's OC guide recommends a fresh install of windows before starting an OC and verifying stability. My last question is should I wait the 200 hours for AS5 to cure before I start changing things from stock speeds, and if I do should I hold off on installing new programs so that my computer is as "fresh" as possible?

Thanks for help in advance.

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    Well, you should be able to stay at stock voltages with that OC, as it isnt that demanding. You will just need to do some stress testing to make sure that the overclock is stable, if you find freezes or reboots thats when you will want to up the voltages. The benefit of manually tuning your volts is that you can finely tune how much power your machine is using by using the lowest possible voltages at the most stable 4.0-4.2 GHz range.

    TBH, I have never waited for the AS5 to cure before starting an OC or what have you but maybe someone else can answer that question more properly, I havent had any issues hardware wise either, though.

    After you get the stable clock, you are going to want to start installing your programs. Just make sure you have a fresh image of Windows or what ever OS you are running on your hard drive. It relieves headaches in the end. :)

    Good luck and if you have any more questions, Feel free to ask.


  2. Thanks Cam! This helps a lot!
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