I5 750 overclock multiplier 20 or 21?

I have an Intel Core i5 750 and an ASUS Maximus III Formula. I have overclocked it to 3.4GHz (21 x 162).

In CPU-Z and in the BIOS it says my CPU multiplier was 21. Hence 3.4ghz. BUT, under system properties in windows 7 it says 3.25ghz (20 x 162). I am a little confused as to why I could even set a multiplier of 21, I always thought the 750 had a max multiplier of 20, not 21. Just for the record, Both Turbo Boost and SpeedStep are disabled.

Should I just set the multiplier to 20 and the BCLK to 170? But I still want to know why the multiplier is "different".
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  1. I wouldn't worry about what system properties said. Try CPUZ or even RealTemp.

    21x is available, it is the first bin of turbo boost for all 4 cores but you can use it without turbo. If you set it in the BIOS it should be fine.

    Any reason why you disabled turbo and EIST? At 162 base clock you aren't exactly pushing the limit.
  2. Alright thanks for that.

    Reason for Turbo being disabled: 3.5GHz is more than enough for my needs.
    Reason for EIST being disabled: I don't like the idea of my CPU running below my desired speep.

    EDIT: speed*
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