Possible I damaged motherboard?

This morning I was getting dressed and picked up a t-shirt off the floor, it hit my computer case door (aluminium) a few times and shocked it, when it happened the 4-5th/last time I noticed it was lighting up all the LED's on my computer and even on my keyboard.

Could this have damaged the computer ? It was turned off but still had the PSU on with power running into it.
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  1. well...ok, then what happened after that...have you turned your computer back on???
  2. I turned it on and it's seemed to load up fine, posting took about 10 seconds longer than usual. But I'm worried it could have damaged some internals
  3. seeing as the case is grounded.....you shocking the case can not have possibly done anything to the motherboard......plus a surge of current wouldn't cause the lights on the keyboard to light up anyway as its a serial communications protocol......

    chances are you are mostly making this up
  4. No, I am not making this up.

    I stated what actually happened, the shirt hit the aluminium case door, lighting up all my fan LED's and my keyboard LED for a brief half second. Whilst the computer was powered off.
  5. Since the machine works fine, my guess would be "no."
  6. I really dont see how this could have happened either.........that being said I did kill a Gigabyte 865PE chipset board ( forget exact model ) with static. That was through a USB connection on the front of the case and plugging in a headset on a cold dry day. It also was a known issue with the ICH5 Southbridge. Likely if it damaged the PC it would not have booted at all.
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