HELP ME (Buying a graphic card)

it's simply. i have a buget of £45. i want the best graphics card for the money.

i know it's not a lot of money but hey?

i have a 550 watt PSU with +18a +17a (Dual rails)
it should be enough power for the cheap cards. (not saying there not good)

and i want to know how it would be against a ATI HD3850.

i have seen a 9500GT:

i don't mind either ATI or nvidia card, just the best card for the money.

all help apreciated. Cheers in advance!
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  1. Try bidding for a second hand card on ebay, prehaps a 9600 GT or 9800 GT. After all, I got a 8800 GTS 640MB card on ebay for £6!
  2. I will not recommend buying used off E-bay.
    Look here, this will show you where the HD3850 you have falls in relation to other cards:,review-31583-6.html

    As a rule of thumb, you need to go 3 tiers higher to make an upgrade worthwhile.
  3. hi, i'm online again.
    i'm sorry 1000FPS but that graphics card u bought has got the old G80 core.
    you would have to pay me to have one of those.

    Thanks Coozie7.

    what about the 9600GSO.

    i've seen this one here:
  4. Just clarify this please: Are you planning on upgrading from a 512Mb HD3850?
    If yes, then no: The 9600 GSO is the same performance, see the list I posted.
    An upgrade would need to be : HD4850/9800GTX/9800GTX+ or GTS250 class of card, if you already have a HD3850 that is.
    Also post the rest of your specs as well, including monitor resoloution and PSU details.

    GRRRR! I had a 8800GTS 640!
  5. no. my ATI HD3850 blow-up, so i'm trying to replace it with my funds.

    i could replace it with the same model:

    i got told that the G80 core were bad, that i shouldn't touch them with a barge Pole, i don't know why though.
    Was was the GPU ok. i found this later back:

    Edit: Hold On i Got told that my 550 watt PSU can't Take a 8800
  6. As long as the cooler will fit the 9600 will do nicely.
  7. so you say the First 9600. okay. well i've got a M-ATX MOBO in a full ATX case,
    if's it's the same size as my Dual slot 3850, it should be okay!
  8. I would be surprised if your PSU could not run a 8800, but the point is moot, it's the 320 Mb version, and I would leave it alone as well;)
    My concern was about the height of the cooler it might block the slot below it, but since you already had a dual slot on the 3850, I see no problems.
    Just remember you must fully uninstall the existing ATI drivers before installing the new 9600.
    Now you just need to get out the Plastic and order it:) (the 9600 GSO I mean).
  9. get ati HD 4730
  10. the 4730?

    have you got any specs on it?
  11. Nah. i'm sticking with the 9600GSO. i can't find the 4370 anywhere and the 9600GSO graphics are Fantastic, even better the my ATi HD 3850, i've seen a video on you tube with the card playing Crysis Warhead
  12. i've just upped my Funnd by a 10er. Shall i still get the 9600GSO?
  13. If that tenner gets anything better then get that, just remember to factor transport costs though, when money is tight that can be a deal breaker.
  14. on ebuyer, Postage and Packaging is Free. i know, i ordered all my parts to build my Custom Pc off there.
  15. how about a 4670 extreme edition by Saphire:

    i don't under stand. i read a review and it said that this graphics card doesn't beat the 9600GSO, but Every Spec on this Graphics Card is Higher then th 9600GSO?
  16. HappyVillian456 said:
    on ebuyer, Postage and Packaging is Free. i know, i ordered all my parts to build my Custom Pc off there.
    Cheapest one I've seen.
  17. 512mb HIS IceQ Radeon HD 4670 Turbo:

    Delivers performance slightly higher than the 3850 you had before without needing an external power connector.
  18. Newegg links are pretty useless to the OP, wrong part of the planet.
  19. @ HappyVillan456: The HD4670 and 9600GSO perform the same, more or less, just get whichever is the least expensive overall.
  20. the ati 4670 looks cooler, sounds quoted, preforms great. The ati 4670 it is
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