Did i use too much arctic silver?

it is my first time using arctic silver 5 or applying any kind of thermal compound, i have read the instructions on the website and various threads on the best way to apply the arctic silver on the cpu. i decided in following the website instructions on applying it to q6600 quad core using a thin straight line. but i don't know whether or not i put too much on.

here is an image of it
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  1. That looks fine. Once installed, check your temps to make sure that all cores are cooled properly. Expect differences of a few degrees from core to core.
  2. It will be fine.
  3. thanks for the replies, i'll see how it goes. also i just installed the arctic cooling freezer pro 7, should i turn up the fan speed and is it ok to leave the fan running at 100% or would that wear the fan out. (also, i don't mind the loud noise)
  4. I asked that question recently.I was suggested to keep it on 100% speed.

    But first check the temps with normal speed.
    Then increase it to 100%.
    If you see some temps decrement then only set it to 100% cuz sometimes the fan speed doesn't helps lowering the temps.

    Fan running at 100% would wear out faster.but that too would be a long period of time.

    (I am running my intel stock cooler fan at 3500RPM for 10hrs a day for a month.)
  5. Running it at 100% would drive me nuts. I obviously like low noise systems.
  6. is there a program to change fan speed, i know theres speed fan but i heard it wasn't that good. i tried to change fan speed in bios but the options were limited, i only had the option to set profiles (silent, optimal, performance) but these options just slowed the fan down, and for some reason the fan would stop spinning.

    anyway i am getting pretty good temps, 31-34 on idle and 41-45 underload (playing games, heavy rendering) overclocked at 3.0ghz.

    it does however crash in prime95, but that should be fine since i doubt i'll be using 100% of everything. (i've had an unstable overclocked sytem before and never crashed on me once, except of course in prime95)
  7. Unstable prime 95= fail.

    I would not run anything that cant pass prime 95 8 hours minimum.
  8. well i've used an overclocked q6600 system that failed prime95 for almost 2 years without any trouble (playing games and rendering).

    but anyway, i'll try making it stable, the problem is my mobo is very limited with basic overclocking options. i can't seem to change the voltage, it shows the reading of the voltage, but only the option to ignore it.

    it's probably getting off topic now but is 1.368v too much voltage for 3.0ghz, i read people managed to get their q6600 to 3ghz on stock voltage of 1.2v (i know stock voltage varies from chip to chip, mine was i think 1.3v)
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