Corsair extreme for AMD or Intel???

I found these two different sets of RAM on new egg and it kind of eludes to one being for the icore systems while the other is for the amd black edition. There's a $40 difference in price. The appear to be completly identical. Am I missing something here? Can I just use the cheaper "intel" ram with my AMD setup without any problems? Here are the links:

- Intel ($105)

- AMD ($150)
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  1. it's basically the same but for the intel one on amd, you will need to set timings and speed manually
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    Why not just get this RAM - lower latencies make up for the slightly lower frequency, and it's cheaper too?
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  3. Is that hard to do? How would I go about doing that? If I set these timings manually there won't be any difference between the performance between the two?
  4. What CPU are you using?
  5. phenom II x4 955 be
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