Do i need a new PSU?

So I bought a new cpu the other day off of ebay, its a intel core 2 quad 9550, my previous was an intel core 2 duo 925 and that worked fine but now with the quad core im getting an irql is not less or equal blue screen of death, then a system shutdown, thermal paste is applied properly, im wondering if my power supply is not adequate enough to support the new cpu, heres my specs:

2x 1gb sticks ddr2 ram
nvidia 9800gt 1gb video card
intel core 2 quad 9550
160gb hdd, not sure of rpm
regular dvd drive
430w PSU
nvidia 650i ultra motherboard

then monitor and speakers mouse and keyboard obviously. I ran it all though extreme power supply calulator and it only comes back with like 200 and some watts, just wondering if anyone knew for sure if i might need a better one.
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  1. probably ur mobo, Nvidia always can be problematic. The quad core just pushed it off the cliff.
  2. could b the psu,

    what kind of psu is it brand etc so we know how much amps it got on the 12v rail

    and while for example 200 watts may be enough that doesnt mean just any 200watt labeld psu will do the trick.

    could be that u need a bios update so that it adds support for that specific cpu
  3. How old is the power supply? That can factor quite a bit into the equation, as, over time, they can successfully output less power than they originally could.

    Also, run Memtest over your RAM. Not only will it test your RAM, but the throughput across your new CPU's caches. I actually used that to pinpoint an error in an old Opteron's L2 cache. Check the throughput on those as well. If they're not ridiculously high, then something is wrong.
  4. The psu is almost 2 years old, its 430W Antec, I've established the power supply is not the problem, my friend brought over his 1000w and it had the same problems, the blue screen mentions "irql not less or equal", then it shuts down as if its overheating. Should I change something in BIOS? I can get into BIOS but I think it will shut down if running long enough in there too.

    My friend tried the processor in his computer, he usually runs a intel core 2 duo e8400. His system specs are

    9800gt 1gb vid card
    nvidia 780i motherboard
    1000w psu
    Windows vista service pack 1

    On his computer we have different issues, it doesnt shutdown like on mine but it seems to load noticeably slower, then before boot it comes up with this nvidia media test failed, check cable. and it doesnt boot from there. That just keeps repeating basically. If we put his Vista CD in during boot, it asks to boot from CD which i dont, I don't press anything, then it boots normally it works.
  5. Reset mobo BIOS to factory defaults for sure.
  6. There are several things that can cause that. Here is microsoft's list of different possibilities. Find the situation that matches yours, and it should clue you in on the solution.
  7. So i was going to flash the bios when i stumbled upon a cpu compatibility list, i have the 650i ultra motherboard from XFX, now on the XFX website the list says that the 650i is not compatible with a q9550, I heard elsewhere that any 775 processor should work with a 775 motherboard, anyone have any input on this, should i even bother try flashing the bios to the updated version and waste more thermal paste and time putting the q9550 back in? I understand that the compatibility says it wont work however that is for the 650i, not 650i ultra, there is no spot for the ultra, are they the same board?
  8. Reportedly, the nVidia 6XX chipset is not compatible with the Yorkfield chips (2nd gen C2Q's).
  9. I understand the best CPU for the 650i ultra is either the E8400 Wolfdale or the Q6600 or Q6700 Kendale?

    Is this correct anyone.....?

    I am looking to upgrade also

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