MBR virus infected

Bootsector virus available

fixmbr ==*cause* Warning message

Using the Recovery Console to Replace the MBR You can use the fixmbr command in Recovery Console to rewrite the MBR to resolve a corrupted MBR on a startup disk. However, running fixmbr overwrites only the master boot code, leaving the existing partition table intact. If the corruption in the MBR affects the partition table, running fixmbr might not resolve the problem.
Caution Use this command with care because it can damage your partition table if any of the following apply:

* A virus is present and a third-party operating system is installed on the same computer.
* A nonstandard MBR is installed by a third-party disk utility.
* A hardware problem exists.

Caution Run antivirus software before you use the fixmbr command.


RootkitRevealer...,,.McAfee Rootkit Detective...,,SuperAntispyware......
SpywareDoctor.....Trend Micro RootkitBuster.......Sophos Anti rootkit.....
Malwarebytes Anti malware.......norman malware cleaner....kaspersky virus removal tools
new kaspersky anti virus (updated).....No virus.....No threat

I know >> bootable antivirus cd's try

Chkdsk No change
fixmbr *cause* Warning message
Partition recover== No change
partition wipe=== No change
memtest86 == No change
Dban nuke =No change
killdisk= No change
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  1. Hi,

    Try following the steps in this virus/malware removal guide: http://www.selectrealsecurity.com/malware-removal-guide

    It contains instructions that will remove most malware infections.

    I hope this helps you,
  2. many years == struggle
    many years == working

    Everything do
  3. Okay
    one try
  4. Quote:
    Well, my wife's computer was infected with Rootkit.MBR.Sst.a, so it is MBR infection, right?
    I followed the guide above to kill it. It seems it is ok for a while, so how am i sure it is complete?

    Not only this>>> Virus

    Removable media/storage>>> Crash

    /dev/sdc >>> Crash and finish
    resolve>> Not know
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