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Hello all, thank you for reading my question...

I received a case from a friend and would like some opinions on how to properly cool it given it's limited options. It's running at 81F as i'm writing this, which I think is just fine, but i'm looking for more of a learning experience here. It might be ok the way it is, but I want to know what would make it best under the circumstances.

The fans are setup something like this...

TOP/middle: 80mm exhaust fan (approx. 8 inches from rear of case)
SIDE/top/back: 80mm intake fan (approx. 4 inches from rear and 7 inches from top of case)
PSU: 80mm exhaust (mounted back/top)
CPU: stock cpu fan for Athlon II X2 250 at stock speed (mounted almost directly behind side fan, but most of it is beneath PSU when looking from top)

This picture is almost exactly what I have (Apevia X-dreamer 18.5 x 8 x 17 inches)

Some of the reviews say they would like a 120mm fan in the back and 2x60mm fans in the front. The back panel is a little different on mine, and i figure i might be able to squeeze in a 92mm in the back of mine, but i wouldn't know how to add them in the front without some case modding. Anyway, I am just curious as to what you all think would be the best way to cool this rig? negative or positive pressure? one fan at higher/lower rpm? what about the little vent holes in the front and back interfering (or helping)? what are the weak points in cooling a setup like this? I've always heard the best way to do it is with a front bottom fan and an upper rear fan for the "S" flow, but obviously that doesn't apply in this "case" (see what i did there? hahaha...ha...ahem...). Any feedback would be really appreciated, thanks all!

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  1. What model of case is it exactly a Dreamer-X?
    If it is this is from Appevia website.
    Up to 4 x case fans:
    2 x 80mm - front (optional)
    1 x 80mm or 90mm or 120mm - rear (optional)
    1 x 80mm - side (included) w/ fan grill
    So you would follow that legend using a 120mm for rear exhaust.
    Dreamer X-2
    1 x 80mm UV blue LED fan - top (included) w/ alien fan grill
    1 x 80mm UV blue LED fan - side (included) w/ alien fan grill
    2 x 80mm - front (optional)
    1 x 80mm or 90mm or 120mm- rear (optional)
    So whatever one you have get a 120mm for the rear exhaust and put one or two 80mm in the front as intakes.
    It's crucial for proper airflow to have front intakes and a 120mm exhaust.
    Leave the top 80mm as an exhaust = hot air rises!
  2. Basic rule of fans:
    Front and side - intake
    Back and top - exhaust.
    PSU is always exhaust.
  3. I have the Apevia X-plorer case and I was curious if I would see better cooling by putting a fan on the side where the air duct is located? Or should I just leave that alone? I have seen some mention about people with my case and a side fan but when I see a view of the clear window side of the case, I don't see a fan located on the side... Your thoughts? Below is the link to the case I have.
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