Brand New Machine. 4870 inserted = no boot.

I ordered a load of new components earlier the week and yesterday assembled it all.

My problem is, if the ATI HD 4870x2 is in either PCI-E slot... the system simply will not boot.
It's just a black screen.

Without the card in I can access the BIOS etc but am unsure if there's a setting to alter.

I've stripped the machine down twice already to check for loose contacts or anything that might
be shorting something else out but it all looks fine to me.

The HDD etc are all brand new so there's no previous drivers/OS.

The Powersupply is a 620W Coolermaster Real Power M620 Modular PSU. Which seems like enough juice.

The motherboard is a P5K Premium.

Anyone got any idea's?

I've thinking dodgy graphics card myself. (And can send it back tomorrow. I just want to be sure before hand.)

Thanks again, any additional info required can be provided. Just say.
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  1. Unable to edit above post for some reason:

    Just wanted to add that a different card in the PCI-E slot DOES result in a boot.

    (Making it a definite graphics card problem?)
  2. Also, the card is a 4850. Sorry for any confusion.
  3. Does the card give you any red lights? Look on the card when you power up the computer.
  4. Only when the card is not seated properly.

    I think I have it figured out. The PSU I ordered is 620w... the side of the box stats a requirement of 650w. (700w recommended.)

    I the 2xGPU's really screw you over in the power department.

    To be fair, when I ordered the entire system over the phone the "tech-savvy" operator should have spotted the incapabilities and pointed it out.

    So I'm going to arrange a return of the card tomorrow. Although I am slightly tempted to boot into the BIOS and see if can bump up the PSU's output to 650+ but I don't wanna end up with a useless PSU as well!
  5. Yeah I thought it might be a PSU problem. it is an x2. I bought a 4870 a while ago and the 1st one always gave me red light and I gave it more then enough power. returned it and the second one worked , then I figured out that my MOBO was bad. lol.
  6. Do the fans and stuff spin and the light come on, or does it immediately shut off?
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