Questions about PSUs.

I want to know a few things about PSUs.
I want to know about:
Could, when die, a PSU, damage any components of my system?
Do PSUs die because of usage?
Could a PSU die suddenly?
Is there any signs for when a PSU is getting damaged?
Is there any brand or model of PSU that is reliable for my system.
I use an AMD X2 4000 and a Geforce 6100 GPU (integrated GPU).
Any answers and/or suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. q1 yes it can cause permanent damage q2 psu's could be damaged by many thngs that cause failure but psu's also only have a limited working lifespan q3 yes they can q4 there are many reliable brands that you could use but the top brands are corsair,pc power an cooling,ocz,seasonic,silverstone and too many more to mention of the top of my head an jus calculate your power requirements with a calculator like or add maybe future upgrades an shop round for what fits your pocket but look for 3 things in a decent psu 80% certification over voltage protection and active pfc if it doesn have any of that its a crap psu to be avoided and ask round a bit on what you have your mind on
  2. #1. Yes. Not supposed to, but could.
    #2. ?? Normal use, who knows? A good unit, not overloaded, can last for years. I have a 400 watt Antec that is eight years old, on its second motherboard.
    #3. Usually do. What usually happens is that one output either dies or goes out of tolerance. This kills a control signal from the PSU that the motherboard needs to boot.
    #4. Not usually.
    #5. I favor Corsair and Antec.

    A good 350 - 400 watt PSU will be plenty for your system.
  3. Good to know, I will check for one of those you recommend me.
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