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I am using intel 850mv motherboard pc. I would like to increase the memory. Which ram supports my mother board though the cost is high.
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  1. Your older system uses an unusual type of memory -
    184-pin RIMM PC-800

    This is RAMMBUS and not carried at many places - but still available. To determine what you get, you need to know how much memory you have now and how many modules are installed. So note your total RAM that's shown in the BIOS and then open the case and count the number of sticks in the 4 slots.

    You can add one module at a time.

    You can buy single 256MB modules, pairs of 512MB modules, single 1GB modules. Your system can support up to 4GBs of RAM.

    Your motherboard homepage is here:
    I used this site to see what RAM you used.:

    I recommend putting the following into Google and examining the offerings and prices - making sure your choice is the correct type:
    184-pin RIMM PC-800

    Good Luck. As for whether it's worth the cost, you have to judge that. Keep in mind the computer may not last much longer - almost anything could die and make any money you spend now a bad investment.
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