0x00000124 Error

Specs: p67a-g43 mobo, hyper 212+ cooler and i5 2500k cpu, 560ti gpu, Antec 750 psu, windows 7 ult, crucial 64Gb ssd.

So I built a computer roughly a month ago. Earlier today I got my 1st bsod while playing a sc2, listening to music on pandora for few hours. I installed bluescreenview and this is what it showed. Anyone got any idea what could be the issue?

http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/1540/dumpc.th.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us" class="img lazy">

I ran memtest86 for few hours and had no errors. I did furmark for 20min temps fluctuated 79-83 with fanspeed never going above 50%. I ran Prime95 for an hour and cpu temps didnt go above 61degrees

here is a link to the dump file


Well I ran the windows memory diagnostic test and that came back with no errors. I reran memtest86 and let it go through 10x successfully. I updated my bios to newest version and reran prime95 for another hour with no issues. Anyone else got any idea or suggestion to try?

Update 2:

Well just got the bsod again. I think same error. It weird because I didn't do anything different than yesterday and yesterday I didn't get any errors and I played a lot longer yesterday.

Here is link to 2nd dump file

Hope someone who reads this has a good idea whats going on.
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  1. Let mem test finnish
  2. the win 7 have a ( windows memory diagnostic ) in it just write this in the search box.
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