I7 920 + Asus P6T ?

I'm building a new computer, I have some experience from research and guide. I'll spend around 1000-1200 CA$ for that computer and I'll eventually OC it.
From what I've heard, the intel i7 920 seems to be a good CPU to OC. I want to know if he fits well with the Asus P6T. I've found in some benchmark that they used this combo to OC it. It's about 600-700 $ for both of these composant and idk how much I'll have to spend for RAM and Graphic card.
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  1. Yes the CORE i7 920 CPU works well with the Asus P6T.

    Also in Late September to mid October, Intel will be coming out with the Core i5 for the P55 Mobo's, which will use Dual Channel DDR3 Ram and should be some what cheaper in price if you can wait until then.

    If you still wish to go forward on the Core i7 build, reply back and we here should be able to help you out. :D
  2. Thank for the information. I don't think I understand you well however. In my head it's working like this: New technology = droppin prices for older one. But you seem to tell me that this new tech is priceless and use the new ram tech. So what should I wait for? i5 or priceless i7?
    P.S. I don't like new tech because we don't know what we may find!
  3. Lets see if I can simplify it.

    The Core i7 is for the Enthusiast Market (Very High end and Overclocking). Which reflects higher prices for CPU, Motherboards and Ram.

    The Core i5 that is coming out will be for Mainstream Market (Every day user and modest OC). Which reflects mid-range prices on CPU, Motherboards and Ram.

    The Core i7 uses Triple Channel DDR3 Ram that costs higher then Dual Channel DDR3 Ram. Plus most Mobo's (short for motherboards) for the Core i7 generally costs above $200 to $450 USD. The Core i5 costs range for Mobo's will be in the $150 to $250 USD price range.

    Also the Core i7 mobo's usually come with 6 ram slots, since you have to buy Triple channel ram in either 3gb (3x1gb) kit or 6gb (3x2gb) kit. Compared to the Core i5 mobo's that will use Dual Channel DDR3 and 4 ram slots. Where you would can use 4gb(4x1gb) kit, 4gb (2x2gb) kit or 8gb (2x4gb) kit.

    But you seem to tell me that this new tech is priceless and use the new ram tech.That was true for the Core i7. but with the upcoming Core i5 they are changing the Ram back to Mainstream DDR3 Dual Channel Ram.

    I know it is all confusing, but you will eventually understand it. :wahoo:

    Below is some Links on the Previews' of the P55 moobo that will be use for the Core i5 CPU.

  4. I would wait and get an i5 system since it will be almost as fast as the i7 for much less.....
  5. @Yoosty - Thanks! you simplified it very well. I did some research and now I completly understand you =). I was confused by the fact that intel released i7 after i3 instead of i5 before i7. ;p
    Some people told me that I shouldn't be looking for new CPU (6 months and less) because of probable bug, disfunction or whatever possible. So, according to you, if its released in late sept/mid oct, I should wait till mid 2010 to follow the advices of some peps I know. I think I've seen that on a THW's processor buying guide too. These fears are justified or I shouldn't worry bout stupid speculations?
    BTW sorry for my bad speeling.
  6. Honestly, its likely that new tech will have issues, but no one knows for certain, you just have to keep up with the reviews as they come out and see how it goes.

    Honestly with technology if you wait, the prices will always drop, but i don't really see a point in waiting if you really need an i7 rig. On the flip side, if you don't really need the power of an i7 for multithreaded apps, might as well wait a bit to get most of the performance for a lot less.
  7. Just a heads up, Intel will not release a new CPU without countless hours of rigorous testing and benchmarking..... I doubt the i5 will have any issues.... but on the flipside if you wait, you can get some great deals on current cpu's and mobo's....
  8. Okay, I'll think at it and probably wait!
    Thanks for your help.
  9. I just put together an i7 setup at home. EVGA x58 and i7 920. Thing rips like a boss.
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