Is my MB dying?

Hi everyone first post my PC is acting weird first I keep losing connection with the internet so updated drivers and PC worked fine for 2 weeks and now I lost connection again. How can I tell if my mother board is dying?
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  1. it could be you service provider or your cable modem stopping and starting....if everything else in your computer works except your etherport its hard to point the problem to your internet connection, if your have other computers in your house that are connected and then check them for connection problems when u have problems. But to tell your connection is dying because your mobo might be dying is tough to say
  2. satx man, if it's the Internet connection that isn't working, look for Internet-related items to put the blame on. If the computer operates fine for other tasks, no reason to ever look at the motherboard. I know it's hard to do this if you mainly use it for going online. But I'm assuming your browser is running fine, you can read old emails all day long without errors, etc...

    You mention updated drivers, what was done with those - why did you update them, what drivers?

    Look for what changed 2 weeks ago. Did you change anything on your computer? Install new software or OS?

    Have you contacted your ISP or looked on their website for localized issues?
  3. Thanks for replys I took PC to a local shop and technician told me he reinstalled drivers I assume they were for MB or coinnectivity to internet. Another suggestion they told me they could do is disable onboard eithernet and install an aftermarket one, or the person at PC shop mentioned that MB also might be slowly dying.
  4. satx man what motherboard do you have?
    how old is it?
  5. MB is an Asus p5n-e-sli I had it for a year
  6. He likely re-installed the embedded Network port driver, usually included in the bus drivers.

    So is it working better now?
  7. ewww nvidia chipset.. thats your whole problem.. ;)
    people have bad luck with the network bus enumerator drivers for some reason..
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