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Hi, I recently built my rig listed below. I have always had issues with my i7s temps and I know I'm mounting my heatsinks right. It looks to be mounted correctly . I have my voltages set low, too low for stability, in fact, as I continue my overclock to 3.8ghz. I've read that the average for my HSF and CPU is under 70 at 4ghz. I'm getting 70+ loads at under 3.8! I'm using the default paste. Idle- 38-43 load 70-74 ambient- 76f. I know there's a bios update out, but I haven't set it since I disconnected my network adapter since i've been working on it. I hear it shouldn't change much, though. The surface of the CPU has some minor scratches from idk what.. Maybe from scratches during instillation? The heatsinks has the same. I have the d-14s fans set put as push, push, pull (HAF x chassis), using the default noctua fans. P12, p14. I know the case has good airflow.

Please respond with helpful info and tips. Thanks! :)

Mah rig:

CPU: intel core i7 950 w/ hyper threading
HSF: noctua nh d-14 with NT-H1 default paste.
Mobo: ASUS rampage 3 formula.
Case: Cooler Master HAF X
RAM: corsair dominator XMS3 1600mhz (1300-1400s UC not sure what value is)
PSU: zalaman 1000w

(that's all that could possibly affect the issue)
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  1. Try re-seating the heatsink using Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound per industry accepted procedures. The scratches on the CPU and the heatsink base should not matter.

    With your existing hardware, you should be able to achieve 3.80 GHz at less than 60 degrees running Prime 95. (My i7-920 is currently running at 3.82 GHz with no problems). As you OC, you may need to raise the CPU voltage a little bit to prevent blue screens. However, do not exceed the manufacturer's voltage limit of 1.375 V. My CPU voltage is set at 1.270 V
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