Amd phenom II 555 unlocked cores

i was just wondering
im getting a new computer

AMD phenom II 555


4 GB Gskill 1600 mhz

MSI 880GM-E41 AM3 AMD 880G

and a power supply that is 480 watts

--- if i get the other 2 cores unlocked and i overclock the processor
would anything mess up?
in example : my ram fails , my motherboard isnt strong enough , power supply ?
lemme know on anything i should be worried about
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  1. this is all good so you can safely unlock the 2 other cores bu when you over clock your processor, ram and your vga card at the same time ..........i think you will need more power full power supply.................but if you plan to only unlock the other cores and over clock your processor........ i think it`s very good and nothing to worry about...
  2. thanks for the reply :)
    okay i wont OC it then . i mightve done it but kinda scared ha
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