Will AHCI Corrupt Non-Boot Drives

I am currently running a pull-out chassis system under Windows XP, where the XP drive is hard mounted to the system using compatibility mode, and a bunch of data drives (one for media, one for archives, one for emulators, etc) can be swapped in when I need them.

If I wanted to change over to a Windows 7 system with a SSD, I understand I would need AHCI enabled so as to take advantage of Trim.

So with this, I have a simple question ... will my data drives be rendered corrupted / inaccessible / etc by switching my BIOS to AHCI? Again, I realize I would need a fresh proper install on the OS drive, my question is ONLY as to the risks with my data (non-boot but already formatted, etc) drives.

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  1. You can change to ACHI mode in BIOS without hurting your data.

    The only difference is, as you already know, is that you need a different driver in your OS to access the drives.

    Don't worry, it is totally safe.

    Just one thing to note: In my experience, when you change, it is common for the BIOS to change the HDD boot order when you change between the two modes, so after you change modes, just jump back into BIOS to check they are still in the correct order for you.
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