Crossover Ethernet Cables for Gaming?

Hello all! :D

Ok, my brother and I like to play games on our computers while on the road. The problem with this, is that our car adaptor to 3-prong plug for our computers only has 2 plugs, so we only have enough for 2 laptops, and no network hub.

The question that I have, is do crossover cables work for newer games? (For example, Command and Conquer 3). The reason I am asking this, is because my brother and I were unable to play games over a Wi-Fi Adhoc connection, and was wondering if a crossover cable would work.

Thanks! :D
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  1. So does anybody know?
  2. Anybody..............?
  3. Ok, been doing some searching and now know that with some network cards, there is an auto-crossover built in for when using a straight-through cable.

    Now all I need to know is whether we need a special network card, or if we could use a newer (or onboard) network card for this. Would also like to know if games work for it, too.
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