Black Screen after XP Loading Screen

Installed a new Biostar TA760G M2+ mobo and get a black screen after the XP loading screen.

System Specs...
Athlon 64 X2 4000+ 2.1GHz OC'ed to 2.8GHz stable
Biostar TA760G M2+ motherboard with updated BIOS
Corsair Dominator and XMS2 DDR2 RAM...Both used to attempt boot with same result
CoolerMaster 500 watt PSU
nVidia GeForce 7950 GT...haven't had a chance to OC due to this prob :??:
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD800JD 80GB HDD

Have been having this problem since mobo went out after a power surge and the new mobo was installed. Have formatted 3 times and the PC works great for a while then when I reboot after installing the various drivers for components I get this black screen. I get no errors while using XP and the system temp is around 30c. MemTest86+ found no errors. I've tried loading certain drivers thinking I'm getting a bad driver but I've been booting after each driver install. System booted fine after all drivers installed, then I turned the PC off for a while and booted and got the black screen :fou: lol Getting frustrated :cry:

One idea I've heard is that the newer mobo may not "like" the HDD? Updated drivers for the HDD with the same prob.

Been working on this prob for days and am wearing out my XP Install CD :pt1cable: , any ideas are welcome!
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  1. I just manually uninstalled the Graphics Card and tested it against the onboard GPU with the same results because the card drivers were the last to be installed. But, again, same problem :cry: . Beginning to think the HDD my be the problem. MAN, I WANT MY PC BACK! I'm going thru COD4 withdrawal :(
  2. Problem solved...I hope. Ive been reading that the nVidia card drivers dont like to be updated so this is what I did.
    1. Manually uninstalled my cards...PCI Hauppauge TV card (love this really well with my cable TV) and my nVidia 7950 GT PCI-e card (love-hate relationship at this point :love: )
    2. Formatted the HDD with XP...again!
    3. Downloaded drivers for both cards.
    4. Reinstalled the cards. Not sure how this worked, but when I booted after this step the cards were up and running like the drivers were there the whole time! Have not had a problem the day aint over yet :kaola:

    Hope this helps the next poor noob who has to replace a motherboard with a pre-existing nVidia card (7950 GT at least) and has no idea why he gets a black screen.
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