How long will RAM last if its not being overclocked?

Im using DDR2 800.... the brand is trancend, I was wondering how long the avg life of basic DDr2 is..... should I buy an extra stick of RAM just in case? Ive had mine for 2-2 and a half years already...
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  1. Ram should last forever and a day or put another way it should outlast you. That said due to manufacturing defects you can get early life failures but you have already had the ram two and a half years so that should not be a problem, so the ram is now probably the most reliable part of your computer.
  2. 2-2 and a half years?

    You were thinking about getting an extra one so you didn't have to get two if one died later? And worried you couldn't match it exactly later?

    You can't match exactly now actually. And if you'd bought an extra one 2 1/2 yrs ago, would have been a waste of money because you can buy two modules now for what 1 extra cost then - most likely. Until RAM gets really out-of-date, its cost doesn't go up.

    And if your system is 2 1/2 yrs old already, odds are really better that the CPU or motherboard will fail rather than RAM and require ditching all 3 items and replacing with newer - leaving that extra stick of RAM in the box unused.

    As said above, after it's lasted one year, chances are it'll never fail.
  3. Hi,

    never had a failure in my RAM. If the RAM is good when you received it (not DOA or bad chips) it should last forever.

    Often, with old RAM, you need to use an eraser to clean the connector (like our old nes games).

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