Gtx 560 ti 1ghz vs stock gtx 570

Do you think the 560 1 ghz could beat out or perform the same as the 570?
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  1. i like the gf104/gf114 series chips better then the gf100/110 but the 570 has the ability to go tri sli and has a very unique cooler design as far as performance i think the 570 would beat it period but i would take the 560 and day over the 570 i would not care about the cooling because i normally use the twin frozer from MSI and i think every one can agree that that is one great cooler and i tend to stick with just one card so at the most i would dual sli i think its enough. but i will be closly watching the GTX590. thats my 2 cents
  2. No, the speed is only half the equation. The 570 has more pipelines and cuda cores, so it won't be hit by heavy graphics and it also has a larger memory bank for frame buffering and texturing. An overclocked card is good for ~5 frames more than the stock version and that doesn't put the 560 in the same league as the 570.

    The link to this (Tom's) site's shows the 560 two places below the 570. Lets assume that an overclocked version would bump it up one place. The 570 at stock speeds is still above that.
  4. I assume you want to buy one of the cards.
    What country are you in?
    In the UK you can get the zotac or asus gtx 480 for the price of the 560ti.
    The 480 is around the same speed as the 570.
    The zotac one has lifetime warranty.
    Just a thought.....
  5. yep i agree with josh the speed is not every thing i still prefer the 560 but as i said the the 570 is the better card oc'ed or not. but when it comes to GPU cards there are only two choices get what you can afford or get the best.
  6. There are a few reviews of the Gigabyte gtx 560 ti SOC being equal to the gtx 570. I'm not sure if that makes it true, but I'll put up some links.

    "What we found interesting was the fact that the heavily overclocked Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC was actually more efficient than a standard non-overclocked GTX 560 Ti. When compared to a standard GeForce GTX 560 Ti card operating at the Nvidia specification the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC provided on average 20% more performance while consuming just 7% more power.

    The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC is a very impressive product, as it delivered GTX 570-like performance and it does so for a fraction of the price. For example at 1920x1200 across the 14 games that we tested the GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC and GTX 570 ended up delivering the same average performance. This also meant that it was 12% faster than the Radeon HD 6950, and roughly 30% faster than the HD 6870 and GTX 470 graphics cards."

    "Those looking at using multiple monitor setups which would likely run large resolutions, should take note at our 2560x1600 results. Here the limited 1GB memory buffer of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti did hamper performance a bit, as the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC was found to be on average 3% slower than the GTX 570. While this is not a huge difference, the Radeon HD 6950 for example did fare better, though having said that the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC was still 5% faster."
  7. At that resolution the 570 is a better choice also the memory is better for performance.
  8. The OP posted nothing about his resolution.
  9. At least the 570 doesnt keep the hot air inside the case...
  10. MegaBUD said:
    At least the 570 doesnt keep the hot air inside the case...

    Are you telling me you'd rather have a reference cooler on a 570 instead of say a twin frozr II? Don't you have exhaust fans, or at least 1? Is that really worth the price over the 560 SOC? Is it worth the higher power consumption?

    Go with the 560 SOC. If you have a really high resolution, get a hd 6950 2GB. May even unlock to hd 6970, do not count on it though, no matter how high the rate of success is. hd 6950 (both versions) and the SOC 560 are very good buys. I would not say the same about the 570.
  11. wow what is going on here of corse the twin frozer is the better cooler who the heck would build a mid to high end box and not include exhaust fans weather the card spits the hot air into the case or not is only relevant to people who have propriety cases they are the worst on air flow i myself prefer a large tower i pains me to say this because i love nvidia BUT AMD is stomping nvidia they are cooler and more quiet and benchmarks are showing them to perform better i have the GTX 460 which i love runs awsome @900Mhz..... i have high hopes for the GTX590 after they get the bugs out of course but i am sure that this gtx460 will be my last nvidia card but for sure i will stick with the twin frozer for a bit is is a game changer ....
  12. also the gf110 is a better chip then the gf114 but the gf114 i think handles overclocking better the gtx460 was an awsome card strong cool and oc'd well all around performer so that is why i would go to the gtx560 if i was sticking with nvidia the gtx560/gf114 is the improved version of the gtx460/gf104 it has the extra sm engine activated and that brings the extra cuda cores with it
  13. I agree AMD's line up is just better right now. 6850, 6870, and 6950 are all killer cards, even in crossfire they're better than nvidia's competition.
  14. 6850's beat 460's.
    6870's beat 560's and 470's.
    6950's beat/tie 570's.

    They don't always win, but overall AMD cards win in dual card set ups. They also cost less than the competition. Ouch, and only one generation ago SLI was wayyy better
  15. stock GTX 560 ti beats 6870
    OCed GTX 560 (which is the norm) beats 6950 (although on stock). GTX is cheaper
    stock GTX 570 is on bar with 6970 (same prices)

    I went for the GTX 570 for the sake of physx, better tessiliation, better drivers, and that the card is shorter and can fit in my case.

    back to the topic, a heavily overclocked gtx 560 will consume around the same power as a stock gtx 570 and is still behind performance wise (although with a very slim margin).

    As for the MSI Twinfrozer II, the problem is that the hot air blown into your case will go through the cooling cycle of your CPU as all the cases have an airflow cycle that's oriented towards the CPU. I believe this will raise the temperatures of your CPU, although I never saw anyone complaining about that.
  16. From what I have seen, 6950 is cheaper than 560. The only thing Nvidia has in their favor is OC headroom. (also, CUDA, but I meant for gamers).

    I was under the impression that the 560 only surpasses the 6950 after a 100mhz OC. I don't know how many vendors are selling 922mhz 560's without a substantial price increase.

    I'm getting a GTX 560 SOC (950mhz or 1000mhz, not sure yet) for $150 shipped, brand new sealed in box! Sorry, had to brag.

    I also just built a system with dual 6850's with the cyclone coolers from MSI. Sorry, had to tell somebody.
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